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Anti Smoking Advertisment Where A Balcony Full Of Smokers Collapses

Anti Smoking VideoHere is a pretty funny anti-smoking commercial. There are a bunch of people outside on a balcony smoking. A guy walks up and he is about to go outside and light up when the balcony collapses because some many people are out on it. The guy gets scared and runs off. Apparently you are somehow suppost to link this with smoking kills you. In any event the way I see it is the balcony is really a scissor lift and the city background is just a greenscreen or painting or some such. They just punch the scissor lift, shoot of the smoke, and have the people scream to make it look like the balcony falls off.

Check out the full video of the anti-smoking ad below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Nebraska Spawns Mutated Two Mouthed Fish For A Good Time

Two Mouthed FishIf you thought the radiation in your town was decreasing think again. We've posted two headed turtles, two headed snakes, five legged cows, and other such anomilies on the site before. Up for today we have a photo of a fish with two mouths. A fisherman caught this fish in Holmes Lake near Lincoln, Nebraska according to the caption for the photo. He said that the lower mouth did not appear to function and the hook was in the upper mouth. I don't know about you but I don't think I would be chomping down on a mutated fish or any fish from that lake for that matter.

Update: Looking at the picture more I guess it's possible that the lower "mouth" is just an injury. Maybe the fish was caught, released, and the hole just slowly ripped open.

Check out the full sized photo to the two mouthed trout for yourself.


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Video Of An F1 Mercedes That Catchs Some Major Air Before A Crash

Flying Mercedes VideoAnd here I was convinced that cars couldn't fly where this video appears to prove me wrong. Now we've posted a similar video to this one before but this is not the same video. In the previous video the F1 car caught air, flew up, and came crashing down in the middle of the track. Not so with this new video of a F1 Mercedes which has a similar car accident. In this video the car catchs and updraft of air under it and proceeds to make multiple flips in mid air while moving off into the trees to the side of the track. When it crashs down in the middle of the trees there is a giant plume of earth that shoots up. Nice Mercedes.

Check out the full view of the flying Mercedes F1 over at their website or view it below.


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Woman Takes Off Her Bra In A Video Conference Because She Thinks They Can't See Her

Bra Cam VideoThe blond in the upper left of this video conference can't see the other people in the conference and tells her tech to fix the problem. While she is waiting she doesn't think the other people in the conference can see here so she takes off her bra real quick with her shirt still one. The other people in the video conference laugh a little as she puts her coat on to hide the fact that now she isn't wearing a bra. Finally she gets patched in to the video conference and tells them "Sorry we were having technical issues." The old guy in the top right says "What, with your bra?" and the other people all break out laughing.

Watch what you do during a video conference. Or at least cover the camera.


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Jet Fighter At An Airshow Plows Into A Runway In A Giant Fireball

Plane Crash VideoOh that's gotta hurt. This jet fighter takes off from the runway during an airshow and starts it's climb up into the air. At some point during the climb it loses power and turns over. I would guess that the pilot pulled the nose back so as to be flying upright again and then attempts to bring it down for a landing or at least an ejection. He gets down pretty close to the ground and then ejects. Right after that the plane plows into the runway and makes a pretty good fireball as it goes along. The flame just last very long though and at the end there is only lots of smoke.

Watch this plane turn into a pretty big roman candle.


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Buzz Aldrin Defends His Honor And Beans Some Guy Upside The Head

Buzz Pwns Some Guy VideoSome crazy tinfoil hat guy accosts Buzz Aldrin at a hotel in Beverly Hills (yeah the guy that walked on the moon). The guy is going on and on about calling the kettle black and then calls Buzz a liar and a coward. Originally Buzz said something to the effect "Would you get guy away from me?" but apparently there was no security guys to be found. At this point Buzz takes matters into his own hands and slams his fist right into the guy's face (aka PWNs him). The guy staggers back and then the video shows the guy getting pwned again in slow motion. The best part is when this crazy guy tried to file charges of assault against Buzz the police showed him the door. Double PWNed.

Watch Buzz Aldrin pwn some clown for calling him a coward.


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Woman Drops Car Keys Down Her Shirt And Asks Men To Get Them For A Good Time

Car Keys VideoThis video appears to be a setup by a candid camera TV show which I would guess to be in the UK (based on how the people in it look). They have a woman holding three of four bags in each hand and her car keys placed in the cleavage of her shit. She asks various people passing by if they would get the car keys for her (out of her shirt) and open her car for her. Various different people do it including two guys who fight over the chance to grab at the keys. The ending video is a guy that does it and then gets attacked by his wife for doing so. She slaps him upside the head multiple times.

You never knew you could have so much fun with car keys.


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Four Year Old Gets His Training Wheels Taken Off And Goes On A Rampage

Speed Racer VideoThis video is a collage of photos and video of a kid after he gets the training wheels taken off of his bike. Additionally the whole video is set to a techno mix of the Speed Racer theme song. The kid jumps over ramps, off sidewalks, down ravines, over toy cars, and other such tricks. The video is also chock full of it's share of crashs and wipe outs. For a four year old this kid is pretty crazy. Near the end of the video it looks like they upgrade him to a bigger bike from his old red training wheel bike. Is this the next Tony Hawk?

Watch this four year old get crazy on his bike.


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Grab The Basketball And Get Your Slam Dunking Game On While At Work

Dunk N Slam Flash GameDunk N Slam is a free flash slam dunk game. You run and jump to dunk the basketball. It is pretty tough so make sure you click info to read the instructions on how to play or you will wonder why your player is such a gimp. The graphics and sound are professional if a little grainy. It also wanted to download and updated Shockwave addon so you might want to do that for better graphics or if you don't have the addon at all.

Get your slam dunking on for a good time.


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Video Of A Small Engine Plane Hitting Zero Gravity With A Flying Dog In The Back

Vomit Comit VideoHere is an interesting video where these two guys take their small engine plane up and do a anti-grav dive. Now I always thought you had to have a big plane like a 747 to be able to have enough mass to get the no gavity effect but apparently I must have been smoking crack in physics class. The plane these two guys are in seems to be either a small one engine or a two engine plane. The catch is they have a dog in the back. When they hit the zero grav the dog floats up into the air and can't figure out what the hell is happening. Some of the other items in the plane also float. The dog ends up floating upside down until they come back into gravity. Oops.

Watch this dog get freaked out by zero gravity.


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