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High Speed Camera Footage Shows Various Objects Exploding When Hit

High Speed Video CompilationHere's a video compilation of various high speed camera footage. It starts out with a dart hitting a balloon and then a dart hitting a water balloon. The thumbnail here is the dart hitting the water balloon. It's amazing how the water keeps it's shape after the balloon is gone. Next up is a tall glass which breaks (I assume from a sound vibration) followed by an empty glass water bottle and then a full glass water bottle falling and breaking into pieces. Following this there are various different videos of a glass sphere filled with various things like vacuum and then a tomato hit by a flying pencil. The video finishs up with an apple and another fruit being hit by a bullet.

Watch the high speed camera footage for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of An Amazing Science Demo Done With Water Cornstarch And A Vibration Pad

Amazing Science VideoWhoa. This guy here filmed a video of his fun with water and cornstarch in a bowl. You have to see the end of this video to believe it. He starts out by mixing up the water and cornstarch. It behaves like a liquid in the bowl until he pulls a rabbit trick out of a hat and vibrates it. The video suggests that he's vibrating it at 30g (is that gravs?). Anyway once he starts vibrating it he is able to hit it with a puff of air and the hole made by the air stays in it (whereas if it was water it would just disappear). The vibration also causes this little protrutions to be visible on the surface of the mixture. Next up he hits it with three different puffs of air and all three wholes stay in the mixture. Lastly he hits it with a big puff of air but instead of making a whole it throws up gouts of the mixture which proceed to form long fingers. The fingers multiple across the bowl until they cover the whole thing. You've got to see the video as it looks like a writhing alien mass.

Check out the amazing video below of the writhing cornstarch mixture or click over and view it on the original site.


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