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Video Of A Chair Bot From Japan Walking Around

The guys in this video built a giant chair robot. The robot sits bent knee and the human sits in the chair. The robot stands up and the human moves it around with a joystick. It's too bad that the chair doesn't actually sit on the floor (they need a step stool to sit in it).



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Guy Rides A Mechlike Chair Device That Climbs Stairs For The Win

Here is a video of a stair climbing mech suit which appears to be built out of car shocks. The video shows the mech like chair unit climbing down stairs and then walking across the floor. There are two guys standing to either side to catch the guy riding it if it falls over.



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Crazy Looking Lifelike Starfish Robot Walking Demo Video

Here is a pretty bizarre demonstration of a starfish shaped robot that generates it's own walking algorythm. Apparently the robot gets a sense of itself and then uses that to 'walk'. Near the end of the video they damage the robot and it is still able to walk around based on the new modal it generates. Or something.



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Table Walks Around When Pushed For A Good Time In This Video

Walking Table VideoI'm going with whoever designed this walking table watched Star Wars a few times too many. Apparently this was filmed at some Dutch design show and features the guy on the far side pushing the table causing it to walk across the floor. The legs of the table remind me of the droids in Phantom Menace. It's hard to tell if the table walks in four directions or only two. I'd also have to say that the top of the table shifts down to stand on the legs so that it doesn't walk around by accident. Would this have been more useful before the wheel was invented?

Check out the walking table video below for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Various Video Clips Of People Getting Scared By Pranks

Video Of People Getting ScaredIn this video there are a number of video clips of various people getting surprised by their friends. It mostly consists of people jumping out of boxes, trash cans, and just about anywhere you'd least expect it. One video has a cat jumping out of a trash can and scaring the guy that walked up to it pretty good. Another one of the prank clips has what is probably a rookie police officer in a morgue and the 'dead' person stands up. It closes with a woman walking over to a sink full of water and a foot coming up out of the water and wiggling around. There is probably a kid under the sink with his leg up the drain pipe and sealed with some kind of rubber gasket.

Watch the video below of these people getting scared out of their wits below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Illusionist Walks On Water In A Hotel Pool In Las Vegas Or Miami

Walk On Water VideoThe illusionist in this video appears to walk on water in this video. It looks like he is in either Las Vegas or maybe Miami by the look of the hotel in the background. In any event he walks up to the hotel pool while holding a small video camera and while being filmed by his crew. He steps out into the water and proceeds to walk across. The from sides it really looks like he is walking on something solid an inch or so under the water. However, when it switchs to his personal camera view it looks like he is just windmilling his legs while something else moves him across. At one point someone swims under him and at another point he takes off his shoes and they sink into the water. Based on his windmilling legs I'm going with he's using some kind of wire harness.

Watch the clip of the illusionist walking on water below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Accident Where A Driver Runs A Red Light And Hits A Biker And The Biker Is Fine

Crazy Bike Accident VideoIn this video the green car runs a red light (according to the caption) and hits a motorbike. The guy on the motorbike rolls onto the car windshield and hits his head on the glass (you can see the cracks where he hit it) before coming back down on his bike with his shoulder and finally falling to his feet on the pavement. From here he starts walking around yelling and throwing up his hands. It's pretty amazing that he is able to walk around after being hit like that. He walks off camera for a moment and stands on the center divider (so he doesn't get hit again) before walking back and picking up his backpack out of the street. The lady in the car gets out and watchs talks to the guy from near her car.

Watch the video of this guy getting hit by a car on his bike and walking away from the accident.


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Dummy Looks Like His Head Is Stuck In A Wall As People Walk By And Gawk

Head In Wall VideoThis series of videos is an artist filming people looking at the artist's street art which consists of tape people (people shapes created out of tape). In this specific video one of the tape people is dressed up in clothes and positioned against a wall on a busy street. The trick with this one is that the tape person has no head and is leaned up against the wall as if the guys head was stuck inside the wall. The people walking by either stop and look, get freaked out by it, take a picture of it with their cell phone, or try and talk to the tape dummy guy. The best one is the guy that goes up and shakes the dummy to see if it's real or not. There are three additional videos of other tape dummies at the host site.

Check out this tape dummy head in the wall video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Mesh Sphere Virtual Reality Environment Called A VirtuSphere

VirtuSphere VideoInterestbing video of an attempt at a 360 degree virtual reality system. The person puts on a head set display and holds some kind of joystick (or game gun) and then climbs inside a metal mesh sphere. The sphere is sitting on what are probably some kind of roller balls which allow the sphere to roll in any direction. The person walks 'in place' around inside the sphere and their walking is translated into the 3D virtual game environment. Apparently it detects if you duck down or run and translates that into the game as well. I think it would probably be pretty strange to walk inside this thing because the floor would always be around the edges of your walking area.

Check out the full video of two different people testing out the VirtuSpheres below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Female Japanes Android Unveiled In Japan For The Win

Japanese Android VideoSo here is a video of a demonstration in Japan showing a human like 'android'. The android stays sitting in the chair the whole time so I'll wager they still need to work on that whole walking thing. The actual face looks pretty real but I noticed they covered up the hands with gloves because they probably made it look fake. The android moves around but you can tell the motions are driven by servos as they are hardly smooth to say the least. The commentary in the video is all in Japanese so good luck with that. Maybe they need to pair up with the company working on that robotic pack mule for the US Army.

Watch the full video of this Japanese android for your self below or click over and view it on the host site.


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