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Shaky Cam Video Of The Worlds Tallest Horse

Here's a video taken from what seems like a cell phone came of the world's�tallest living�horse. Apparently he eats 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water a day. He's 6 feet and 7.5 inchs tall which I assume is at the shoulder and weighs around 2400 pounds.



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Wedding Dress Made Of Cream Puffs Took 2 Months To Make In The Ukraine

Cream Puff Wedding Dress PhotoAccording the caption for this photo a chef spent two months making a wedding dress for his bride out of cream puffs. They live in some city in the Ukraine and the completed dress weighs twenty pounds. It is made up of 1500 cream puffs plus whatever else she is wearing. I can't tell if the flowers, crown, and neckless are also made of something edible and it doesn't say either. I assume the white portions on the cream puff dress are either powdered sugar or flour. I'd also assume that the cream puffs probably aren't filled as that would have spoiled them I think (or made them soggy).

Check out the full sized photo of this wedding dress made out of cream puffs for yourself.


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Thumbelina Dwarf Mini Horse Is Only 17 Inchs Tall In This Photo

Tiny Dwarf Horse PhotoHere's a photo of a dwarf�mini horse. The people that own the horse breed small horses and this small horse just happens to be a dwarf�mini horse. The horse is about five years old now, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17 inchs tall. Normal small horses live about 34 years but because of her size this horse will probably live 17 years. The owners have named the horse Thumbelina according to the article. Apparently the horse prefers to live with the dogs rather than the other horses because they are more her size. They need to get one of these for the miniture guy in Nepal.

Check out the full article plus a large photo of Thumbelina the dwarf mini horse.


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Photo Of Guy In Mexico Who Weighs Around 1200 Pounds

1200 Pound Guy PhotoA day or so ago I read an article about this guy in Mexico who they estimate weighs something like 1200 pounds. Apparently they don't have a scale that can weight him so that is really just an estimate based on how big around he his. They think he is probably the largest living human at the moment. The world record seems to be at around 1400 pounds from a guy who died awhile ago. According to the article this 1200 pound guy has contected a doctor in Italy and at some point in the near future he will be traveling there on a special plane to have the stomach reducing surgery. If this guy can't even stand up on his own how does he use the restroom and how much food does he had to eat to stay the size he is?

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this guy that weighs around 1200 pounds.


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Giant Baby Already Weighs Fifty Pounds And He Is Only Nine Months Old

Fifty Pound 9 Month Old Baby PhotoSo apparently the baby in the photo weighs around�fifty pounds and he is only nine months old. This photo is currently the most emailed photo on Yahoo right now. According to the caption for the photo the baby eats 5 liters of milk and 1 kilogram of rice flour every day. They say that he is suffering from a rare hormonal disorder but if you ask me this kid could be the next Andre The Giant. If he lives that long anyway. Usually really big people or really small people don't live very long.

Check out the photo of the giant baby for yourself.


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Five Hundred Pound Woman Does Five Jumping Jacks And Almost Passes Out

Fat Woman Does Jumping Jacks VideoWow. All I can say is wow. The woman in this video probably weighs three times as much as I do which is to say probably 500 pounds. I'm not sure what the purpose of the video is but the woman does various stretchs and jumping jacks in the video. It could be just a joke because after doing 5 jumping jacks she wipes her brow like she just ran 10 miles. Seriously though, how do people get to be so fat? Maybe the purpose is for you to see the video and say holy crap she is fat! EAT LESS, PEOPLE!

Gigantic woman does five jumping jacks in this crazy video.


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The Hamburger In This Video Is As Big As a BasketBall And The Guy Picks It Up And Eats It

One Of The Biggest Hamburgers Ever VideoThe hamburger in this video is almost twice as big as the guy's hand. Watch when he puts his hand on top of the burger spread out. The burger is almost an inch larger all the way around than the guys splayed out hand. The meat in that thing is probably from a whole cow leg not to mention the other stuff in it like the cheese which is probably a pound by itself. I bet the hamburger weighs in at 5 pounds at least and the bread itself looks like a whole loaf of bread or at least a custom made hamburger bun. The guy in the video is actually able to pick the hamburger up but the end of the video is screwed up so we don't get to see what happens to it. The only person who could possibly be able to eat this giant hamburger would be Shaq.

Ogle the super sized giant hamburger for yourself in this video.


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