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Japanese Meteor Hits Earth Computer Simulation Video For The Win

Meteor Strikes Earth VideoHere is a Japanese computer animation simulation video of a meteor striking Earth and what it would look like and cause planetwide. The commentary is in Japanese so good luck with that. One thing I did notice is that they used a spherical meteor whereas other such 'Earth being hit by an asteroid' video the asteroid is never round. In the video the meteor strikes and causes a large amount of material to be ejected up into the atmosphere. Some of the things in the video seem a bit suspect like the fact that there isn't much (if any) burn up by the atmosphere on the meteor. The only explanation I came up for this was that the meteor was so big (much larger than 300 miles wide) that the atmosphere wouldn't effect it much. Second it seemed like the whole ejection area hundreds of miles above where the meteor hit was filled up with lava which didn't seem plausable. Is it just a bad particle effect or? Lastly, the buildings left standing (like the Greek pillars) seemed like they should have been blown away and were only left for effect in the video.

Watch the full computer animated Earth meteor strike simulation video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Tells Of As Of Yet Undisclosed Ninja Powers In An Anime Mashup

Real Ninjas VideoHere is a mashup video titled "Real Ninjas" which pokes fun at ninjas, anime, anime mashup videos, Star Wars, and anime music videos. It goes on to state that for example real ninjas are inflateable (see photo) and then plays a anime clip demonstrating this along with some semi relevent American music. It has Barney singing, Chewbacca howling, a spoof of "Dude Where's My Car", a Paula Abdul song, and a bunch of other mashup clips as well. Apparently, real ninjas have theme songs, are inflateable, intelligent, are smooth, go commando in public, among other things. I wonder what "Ask A Ninja" guy has to say about some of these previously undisclosed ninja "powers".

Check out the full 'anime mashup video' spoof strange whatever below or click over and view it on the host site.


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An Aquarium Is Trying To Sell A Two Headed Snake For 150k On Ebay

Two Headed Snake PhotoThis is a photo of a two headed snake which was originally sold to an aquarium for fifteen grand. The aquarium is now trying to sell the two headed snake on eBay for a hundred and fifty thousand. Good luck with that huh? We've posted photos of a two headed snake before. In the previous photo the snake heads split more equally whereas in this photo the snake head on the left seems to be the lead head and the snake head on the right is an offshoot. Apparently two headed snakes don't live very long either.

Get your weird on and head over to check out the full sized photo of the two headed snake.


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Video Of An Amazing Science Demo Done With Water Cornstarch And A Vibration Pad

Amazing Science VideoWhoa. This guy here filmed a video of his fun with water and cornstarch in a bowl. You have to see the end of this video to believe it. He starts out by mixing up the water and cornstarch. It behaves like a liquid in the bowl until he pulls a rabbit trick out of a hat and vibrates it. The video suggests that he's vibrating it at 30g (is that gravs?). Anyway once he starts vibrating it he is able to hit it with a puff of air and the hole made by the air stays in it (whereas if it was water it would just disappear). The vibration also causes this little protrutions to be visible on the surface of the mixture. Next up he hits it with three different puffs of air and all three wholes stay in the mixture. Lastly he hits it with a big puff of air but instead of making a whole it throws up gouts of the mixture which proceed to form long fingers. The fingers multiple across the bowl until they cover the whole thing. You've got to see the video as it looks like a writhing alien mass.

Check out the amazing video below of the writhing cornstarch mixture or click over and view it on the original site.


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Weird Al Gets Crazy In His Spoof Video Amish Paradise For A Good Time (And Money)

Weird Al Amish Paradise VideoIn case you've been living in a cave and haven't seen Weird Al's Amish Paradise song (which is a spoof of a song called Gangster's Paradise) where's a link to it. Weird Al runs around as an Amish guy churning butter, building bars, and attacking tourists (wtf?). There is probably a video for the Gangster's Paradise video as well but since I haven't seen it some of the things in Amish Paradise don't make that much sense. In any event it is still pretty funny to watch again even if you have seen it before. Go Weird Al.

Watch Weird Al's Amish Paradise video yourself.


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Asian TV Show Or Movie Featuring A Walking Carpet And A Foam Dinosaur

Very Strange VideoWow. Just wow. If there was one video that was the strangest video on the internet this might just be it. First off it's either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese (I can't tell). It features a walking red carpet sock puppet and a walking lime green dinosaur who sometimes where's a ninja suit. Now the lime green dinosaur runs around doing various things like snow skiing, water skiing, motorcycle racing, cliff diving, wake boarding, kayaking, quad racing, and a bunch of other stuff all in the lime green dinosaur suit. The red mop carpet usually is riding a bike and looking like it is trying to catch flies. I could go on but frankly you have to watch this one for yourself to truely appreciate the uberstrangeness.

Get your super crazy Asian TV show uberstrangeness going on with this video.


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Having Your Ass Hang Out Of Your Pants Is The Hot New Thing

Cavalera Fashion Show PhotoApparently the latest fashion at the Cavalera's Fashion show is to have your ass hang out the back of your pants. Forget pants that close in the back. These new pants give you a nice breeze wherever you go. Be it the beach or just shopping the pants have you covered (or not in this case). Anyway I am always baffled by fashion shows. What is the point exactly of designing some�suits of clothes�that will never be sold? Maybe these new pants are some kind of camouflage.

Click on over to get a higher resolution photo of the ass hanging�out pants.


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