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Video And Photos Of Intricate Watermelon Carvings

Watermelon CarvingHere's a video and site with a bunch of intricately carved watermelons. The video shows a guy carving a flower into the top of a watermelon and the site has a bunch of still photos of different carned watermelons.


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Microsoft Prototype Interface Ala Minority Report In This Video

Microsoft Minority Report Interface VideoHere's a prototype screen interface from Microsoft which was demoed at the CEBIT 2006 conference. It's very similar to the interface from the movie Minority Report. I believe they are using a rear projector (though it's possible they are using an LCD). Basically there is a piece of glass with the display on it and then behind the glass is a motion sensor which tracks the user movements (I believe). There is either an LCD sandwiched in between two pieces of glass or a rear projector. I also think this is the interface that Robert Scoble talks about in this interview.

Check out the video of the interface ala Minority Report below or click over and view it on the host site.


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High Speed Camera Footage Shows Various Objects Exploding When Hit

High Speed Video CompilationHere's a video compilation of various high speed camera footage. It starts out with a dart hitting a balloon and then a dart hitting a water balloon. The thumbnail here is the dart hitting the water balloon. It's amazing how the water keeps it's shape after the balloon is gone. Next up is a tall glass which breaks (I assume from a sound vibration) followed by an empty glass water bottle and then a full glass water bottle falling and breaking into pieces. Following this there are various different videos of a glass sphere filled with various things like vacuum and then a tomato hit by a flying pencil. The video finishs up with an apple and another fruit being hit by a bullet.

Watch the high speed camera footage for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Automated Robotic Sentry Turret With 5.5mm Machine Gun Video

Robot Turret VideoApparently this video contains a demo of an automated robot turret that has a 5.5 mm machine gun built into it. The turret costs around $200,000 and was designed to be deployed at the DMZ in South Korea according to some of the other info listed with the video. It comes with a day and a night camera in addition to people tracking and recognition software (which you'll see in the video). One thing I noticed about the tracking "square" that the software places around people was that it seemed to lag behind the person so I wonder if the gun leads in front of them. It also appears to give the people a chance to surrender before it fires on them. Welcome to the future?

Check out the full video of the automatic machinegun robot turret below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Help Me Obiwan Kanobi You Are My Only Hope For The Win

Hologram Projection VideoSo the guys in this video have a hologram like projection unit which looks pretty awesome. Apparently it blows air up in a stream (or treats the air somehow) and then a projector projects an image on the stream of air from behind it. You know that hologram sure looks like the one in the first Star Wars as it is all wavy and fuzzy. Life immitating art immitating life? Additionally they have a touch control interface (similar to another video we posted of a similar technology). What seems to be different about this hologram projection is that the air is clear (or appears that way) verses having a screen of fog to project the image on.

Check out the full video of the Star Warsy hologram below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Dalmation Dog Rides Around On A Trike For A Good Time In Japan

Dalmation Riding A Bike VideoNow this could only happen in Japan. Apparently this dog was always interested in bikes when he was a puppy so the owner of the dog trained the dog to ride the bike. The video shows the dog sitting on the seat and peddling the bike around. The bike does have training wheels though. The owner walks behind the dog while it rides the bike. This one ranks up there with the dog that rides the skateboard and the trained circus flies that we have posted videos of previously. The Dalmation gets on and off of the bike all by himself.

Check out the full video of the dog riding a bike below or click over and view it on the host site.


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250 Year Old Tortoise Finally Bites The Big Dog

250 Year Old Tortoise PhotoSo apparently there was a tortoise named Addwaita who has lived in a zoo in India for the last ~131 years or so. The zoo was founded in 1875 and the tortoise started living there then. The info for the photo states that the tortoise was around 250 years old and just recently died from liver failure. He was believed be to the oldest living tortoise according to the information with the photo. Aren't tortoises suppost to be one of the oldest living creatures (reptiles?). This guy outlived all the zookeepers over a 131 year period though so I guess the tortoise really does beat the rabbit in the end.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this ~250 year old tortoise.


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Matrix Ping Pong Spoof Effects Operated By Chameleon Ninjas

Matrix Ping Pong VideoHere's a widely popular spoof of the Matrix done using pingpong and live action effects.  Obviously if you've seen the Matrix you know about their wide angle shots, camera pans, slow motion, and exaggerated character movement. In this spoof of it they have a pingpong table setup on a black background. There is a red player and a orange player. What you don't see (for the most part) is the people dressed in black who blend in with the black background (we've posted a similar video before). In this video, there is a ninja guy in black who moves the ping pong ball around. Additionally there are two people working each "player" in the ping pong game. The main guy in the suit has black pants on and there is another ninja guy dressed in black who opperates his colored legs. They fake all the camera pans, wide shots, and slow motion in real time. It looks surprisingly good.

View the full video below of the Matrix Ping Pong spoof or click over and view it on the host site.


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Get Out Of Difficult Situations With A Ninja Bomb In This Spoof Commercial

Ninjabomb Spoof VideoApparently this spoof commercial video is actually a promo for a movie called Dollar Ninja Store. The spoof video has a guy and a girl sitting in a restaraunt and the girl asks the guy if she is fat. She keeps asking and he doesn't know what to say. The announcer pauses the setting and says Ninja Bombs are the cureall for not knowing what to say. He hands a ninja bomb to the guy who promptly throws it down causing a giant plume of smoke. When the smoke clears the guy is gone and the girl starts running around looking for him. So instead of answering you can disappear like a ninja.

Watch this spoof commecial for a spoof product for a spoof movie below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Watch The Microsoft Xbox 360 Banned (Viral Marketing) Bang Commercial

Xbox 360 Banned Bang CommercialApparently this commercial which was made to promote the Xbox 360 was "banned" and will not be shown on TV. If you ask me it's probably a viral marketing tactic to say it's banned so a bunch of people blog about it. Also apparently the idea for the commercial came from another video which was filmed by some college kids in a gym. It looks like it's filmed in some subway station. One guy is walking along and he sees a couple other guys that look at him wrong. They all turn around and face each other. Then they draw fake guns made out of their fingers. Next up a bunch of other people around them all do the same thing so now there are finger guns pointed everyone. Finally, one guy shoots his finger gun which sets off a chain reaction of finger gun firing. So now all these "business" people are running around playing cops and robbers (or at least pretending to get shot). You've have to view the whole video for more. Check it out.

View the whole banned Xbox 360 bang video below or click over and view it on the original site.


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