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Asian TV Show Or Movie Featuring A Walking Carpet And A Foam Dinosaur

Very Strange VideoWow. Just wow. If there was one video that was the strangest video on the internet this might just be it. First off it's either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese (I can't tell). It features a walking red carpet sock puppet and a walking lime green dinosaur who sometimes where's a ninja suit. Now the lime green dinosaur runs around doing various things like snow skiing, water skiing, motorcycle racing, cliff diving, wake boarding, kayaking, quad racing, and a bunch of other stuff all in the lime green dinosaur suit. The red mop carpet usually is riding a bike and looking like it is trying to catch flies. I could go on but frankly you have to watch this one for yourself to truely appreciate the uberstrangeness.

Get your super crazy Asian TV show uberstrangeness going on with this video.

Posted by Webmaster 14 years, 7 months ago.

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