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Low Cost Almost Consumer Level 3D Color Scanner For Sale

3D ScannerHere's an almost consumer level product which is a 3D laser scanner. It costs around $2500 and you can put any smallish object on front of the scanner to be scanned in. It scans the object and scans a full color texture for the object. Apparently it can also control the turn table to scan the multiple angles of the object automatically. Pair this up with a 3D printer and you have your own almost consumer priced fabrication lab that fits on top of a desk.



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Guy Almost Hits His Head While Riding A Robotic Arm For A Good Time

Guy in this video sits in a car seat which is welded to a robotic arm. The arm swings him around and I assume it is controlled by a human operator verses a recorded or random sequence of movements. Even so a couple times he almost hits his head on the ground for a Darwin Award.



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Art Exhibit In Scotland With A Giant Lifelike Head Sculpture

Face Sculpture PhotoThere is a crazy looking art exhibit going on in Scotland right now and a lot of the sculptures are ending up in the Yahoo most emailed photos. The photo seen here is a sculpture of someone's head laying down flat in sleep or some such. It is pretty lifelike�looking but the trick in this photo is that there is a security guard guy laying behind the sculpture which even makes it look more weird. The sculptures themselves look really lifelike though as the skin tone looks almost exactly right. Some of the other sculptures were of giant babies and other such giant humans.

Check out the full sized photo of the giant head for yourself.


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Giant Mutant Tomato Grown In Japan Almost Four Inchs Across

Mutant Tomato PhotoA farmer in Japan who has been growing tomatos for 30 years recently grew this giant mutant tomato which he says looks like a Chinese lion mask. Apparently the mutant tomato is about three times normal size at 10 cm across and weighting 150 grams (or about a third of a pound). So is the farm down wind from one of the nuclear blasts from WWII or possibly getting water from one of their nuclear plants. Next thing you know they will clone this mutant tomato and it will be a delicacy in Japan like square watermelons.

Check out the full size photo plus article about this huge mutant tomato after the jump.


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Crazy Dune Buggy Fails To Top A Hill And Drives Back Down

Crazy Dune Buggy VideoIn this video out at this big dune buggy event there is a really high sandy hill that the duners race up and down. So this white dune buggy track picks up some speed and drives up the hill trying to make it all the way to the top without falling back down. He almost makes it (maybe ten feet from the top) before his buggy tips over on it's side into the sand. This is there gravity takes over and tips the dune buggy back on it's wheels and the guy drives it back down the hill without crashing. In an alternate universe the buggy would have started running down the hill end over and end and probably exploded.

Watch the video of the dune buggy almost making it below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Fake Your Eyes Out With This Black And White To Color Castle Illusion Photo

Castle Illusion PhotoSo here is a crazy illusion with a black and white image where you stare at the center of�a 100% luminosity version of the same photo�and after thirty seconds the black and white version looks like it is in color. For me after it looked like it was in color the color "burned" off of it as I moved my eyes away from the center dot that you are suppost to stare at to cause the effect. I assume this illusion is based on the after image effect and the 100% luminosity puts almost an inverted version of the image into the after effect on your eye. Or some such. Also includes a tutorial on how to make your own.

Click over and check out the black and white to color castle illusion for yourself.


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Video Of A Snowmobile Jumping Over 30 Feet In The Air Multiple Times

Snowmobile Jumping VideoThis video starts out kind of slow with some dirt bike riding before moving into the main part of the video which is snowmobile jumping. It isn't on snow but a dirt and grass area with what looks like a metal ramp. The first go he takes the snowmobile along the side to guage the distance I guess and then on the second shot he hits the jump. In each jump he does a trick similar to what you would see from dirtbike jumpers. One jump he kicks off�to the side, or stands on the handle bars of the snowmobile, or even letting go completely. It looks like he may have almost lost it when he lets go completely as he is already pretty far back when he grabs onto the guard rails and gets back on the snowmobile in mid-air.

Check out the snowmobile jumping video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Here Is A Family From Arkansas With Sixteen Kids For A Good Time

Lots O Kids PhotoSo one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of a famly of SIXTEEN (as in 16 kids). Isn't that a little too many kids? How big of a house do you have to have to hold 16 kids at the same time? This lady has been pregnant almost non-stop for the last 16-20 years based on the ages of the kids in the photo. That is just nuts. At what point do they keep deciding OMG we need another one! How do they feed 16 kids? What kind of money does the guy make that he can support 18 people at the same time? If they want to go anywhere they need at least three cars (or two of those huge vans).

Check out the full size photo of the family of SIXTEEN KIDS for a good time.


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People Throw Buckets Of Gasoline On A Tree For A Good Time

Fire Tree VideoApparently the highlight of this summer red neck party is throwing buckets of gasoline on a burning tree and watching it flame up. The commentary in the background is equally rediculous including "Be careful Dan". The flames from the fire actually shoot up pretty high and the tree itself must be�a pretty big tree (though it's possible that it's a dead tree). They also mention the guy throwing the gas as having almost fallen into the lake so it would seem the tree is a dead tree near a take. On fire. For a good time. Riiigghhhttt. Wait maybe this is the burning bush?

Watch these morons burn a tree for a good time.

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Photo Of Margo Dydek The 7 Foot Tall Woman On The Basketball Court

Tall Girl PhotoWhoaaaaaa Nelly... er Margo. Yahoo's most emailed photo right now is this photo of Margo Dydek from Poland who is a basketball player for the Connecticut Suns. Apparently she is seven feet two inchs tall and if you click on over to view the full photo you'll see just how amazing that is. In the full size photo there is another player trying to guard this woman on the basketball court but she only comes up to Margo's waist. Oops. Try for a bigger guard next time guys? Seriously, most doors are what, around 6 feet tall? That means she has to bend down to walk through almost every door in New York (where this photo was taken). That would suck.

Check out the full size photo of Margo on the court for yourself.


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