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Darth Vader Helmet Made Into Hot Air Balloon In This Photo

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon PhotoHere's a custom project where a guy made a hot air balloon shaped like Darth Vader's head. The article about it is somewhat light on details but it does say they sent a 3D object file to the hot air balloon manufacturers�and then made custom modifications once they received the final balloon.



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Slow Motion Video Of A Water Balloon Hitting A Guy In The Face

The guy in this video takes one for the team by having a water balloon thrown at his head. A video is then recorded at around 1000 frames per second of the water balloon hitting him and spraying everywhere.



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Guy With Rockets On His Feet Jumps Off Hot Air Balloon

Guy puts on a skydiving wing suit, straps a jet engine to each of his feet, and jumps off of a hot air balloon for a good time in this video.� It doesn't look like it would be very easy to land with the jet engines on his feet but I assume he just pops a parachute.



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Guy Trades A Beer For A Radio For A Katana For A Girl Friend For A Case Of Beer

Beer Trade VideoHere's a funny beer commercial which plays on the same�idea that the "One Red Paperclip" guy used which was to keep trading away an item for a bigger item until he got a house. In the commercial the guy starts out with a bottle of beer and then trades it for a portable radio. He trades that for some balloons which he trades for a katana which he trades for a rack of suits and on and on. At one point he trades some pink poodles for a girlfriend which he then trades to a cop for his horse. Finally he trades for what I think is a Rolls Royce. The very last trade he makes is the Rolls Royce for a case of the beer that he started out with.

Check out the video of the beer trade commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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High Speed Camera Footage Shows Various Objects Exploding When Hit

High Speed Video CompilationHere's a video compilation of various high speed camera footage. It starts out with a dart hitting a balloon and then a dart hitting a water balloon. The thumbnail here is the dart hitting the water balloon. It's amazing how the water keeps it's shape after the balloon is gone. Next up is a tall glass which breaks (I assume from a sound vibration) followed by an empty glass water bottle and then a full glass water bottle falling and breaking into pieces. Following this there are various different videos of a glass sphere filled with various things like vacuum and then a tomato hit by a flying pencil. The video finishs up with an apple and another fruit being hit by a bullet.

Watch the high speed camera footage for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Time Lapse Video Of The Reno 2006 Hot Air Balloon Race

Timelaps Reno Balloon Race VideoHere is a video which is taken in time lapse (or at least the video is sped up) of a hot air balloon race which happened in Reno recently. There are all kinds of different hot air balloon shapes in the video even though the majority are your regular hot air balloons. To name a few of the irregularly shaped balloons I see a cow, a bee, an engle, Noah's Ark, Jesus, a stage coach, and what looks like a teddy bear. I believe the eagle was actually a spotter balloon as it takes off and lands before the other ones but I really have no idea. I assume a lot of these balloons are corporate sponsored.

Check out the hot air balloon video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Woman Swallows A Balloon Animal Balloon For A Good Time

Swallow Balloon VideoThe woman in this video takes one of those balloons that you make balloon animals out of and swallows the entire balloon. This is pretty similar to swallowing swords except that she puts the whole balloon down instead of stopping at the hilt and pulling the sword back out. The video doesn't show her talking the balloon back out. The question I have is if you have ever played with those balloon animal balloons you know that they can constrict at one end to be shorter and did that happen here?

Check out the full video below of the woman swallowing the balloon below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mouse Gets Chopped In Half And Regrows In This Mouse Illusion

Mouse Illusion VideoSo the guy in this video has a projector setup in a large room and a couple boxes down in the right corner of the screen where he is standing. He turns a camera onto a glass cage area and then takes a mouse out of one of the boxes and drops it into the cage area so it appears on the screen. Next he takes a wide chopping blade and chops the mouse in half. Both sides of the mouse are still running around and finally the second half of the mouse grows a new head. The guy takes the second mouse out of the box. Next up he puts a straw into the glass cage and blows the mouse up into a giant mouse. Finally the mouse blows out the air like�a balloon and flies around the glass cage. Lastly the guy lights a cherry bomb and drops it in the glass cage. The mouse turns to a crisp and blows away.

Watch the full video of this 3D mouse illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Spoof Commercial About Kidstoned Chewable Valum For A Good Time

Kidstoned Spoof VideoHere is a pretty funny spoof video on what I assume would be a Flintstone's Chewable vitamines crossed with a pharmaceutical ad. The spoof product is kids' chewable valium called Kidstoned. It shows three kids running around being crazy and a house wife explaining how she uses Kidstoned chewable valum to knock them out for a few hours so she can have some piece and quiet from their raving lunacy. She goes on to say that just about all you have to do is check their breathing once in awhile or just poke them with a stick to make sure they didn't overdose. From the makers of nitrous oxide balloon animals. Sweet.

Watch the Kidstoned chewable valum commercial below for a good time or view it on their website.


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Guy Prays In A Park In Las Vegas And Calls Up UFOs On Demand For A Good Time

UFO Video GuyWe've posted video of this guy before. Apparently he calls various UFOs in real time while standing in a part in Las Vegas. In this video he has a helper guy holding the video camera. The does his little pray then and then a white dot shows up in the sky. Soon after they first sight the UFO that the guy claims to have called up a plane flies right by it in the camera view. They pan down and around to show where exactly they are at and then pan back up to the UFO in the sky. The guy goes on to explain how he can call UFOs which means it's the End Time from the Bible. So what do you think? Is this guy a wack who knows what time of day weather balloons get let off or what?

Watch this guy pray and call up UFOs on demand.


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