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Photo Of The Glass Walkway Out Over The Grand Canyon

Walkway PhotoSo they finally got the glass looping walkway that goes out over the Grand Canyon built. Apparently it opens to the public on the 28th of this month. It looks like a giant horseshoe that is tacked onto the side of the canyon wall. It is glass in the center so you can look straight down into the canyon. There are two huge beams that the glass stretchs between. Additionally there are high glass walls on edges of the walkway. It isn't a solid piece of glass though and is instead just panels.



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Weird 3D Coke Commercial Where There Is A Future World Inside A Coke Machine

Weird 3D Coke VideoHere's a weird Coke commercial video where a guy walks up and puts his quarter in a Coke machine (since when were Coke's a quarter anytime in the last few decades). The coin rolls into the machine and then into a crazy world in a canyon which reminds me of the future in the movie 'The Time Machine'. These flying slugs carry a coke bottle into�a clockwork device where it gets filled and capped. After which it is sent to a freezer world where it gets cold and finally it exits the coke machine chased by a marching band of weird clockwork people. Apparently that is how coke machines work after you've had one to many cokes if you know what I mean.

Check out the video of the weird Coke commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Artists Rendering Of A Glass Bottomed Walkway To Be Built Over The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon PhotoSo the most emailed photo over on Yahoo right now is this artists rendering of a planned�glass bottomed walkway over the Grand Canyon. Apparently there is an Indian tribe which owns a pretty good sized chunk of land on the Grand Canyon. They plan on developing around 1,000 acres of it into a tourist destination which will include an Indian village, a Western town, and this walkway out over the Grand Canyon. Personally I think it sounds pretty cool to have the walkway out over the Canyon.

Check out the photo of the artists rendering for yourself over on Yahoo.


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Ever Wanted To Hang Glide Without The Danger Of Falling 5000 Feet To Your Death?

Canyon Glider Flash GameCanyon Glider is a free flash game that you view from the side like an old arcade shooter. You play as a hang glider and you must take off and fly out over the desert through hoops to get points. Make sure you read the instructions though as in order to take off you must press the left and right arrows over and over to build up speed and take off. The graphics are professional and polished. The only problem for me it seems was that I was unable to get any are and therefore crashed repeatedly after takeoff. Your mileage may vary but I couldn't for the life of me make the thing fly.

Practice your hang gliding in this Canyon Glider game.


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