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Ask A Ninja Fields A Question About Can Dogs Become Trained Ninjas

Dog Ninja VideoHere is another video from "Ask A Ninja" and this time the question for the ninja master was "How can I teach my dog ninja tricks?". The ninja master says it's possible but you have to be careful especially with tricks like moving through walls and doors. He dubs dog ninjas, "caninjas", as in Canine Ninjas. He goes on to say that he had one friend who taught his poodle hypersonic ninja speed or some such and it ripped his arms right out of his sockets. Other things he mentions are that after dogs become ninjas they are no longer mans best friends. This "Ask a Ninja" guy is really turning these videos out now with at least eleven different episodes.

You'll have to watch the video below to find out everything about dog ninjas for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Get Your Green Thumb On When You Talk To Plants In This Flash Game

Flower MakerGE has a strange flash game called ecomagination up on one of their sites. The goal of the game is to make a flower by talking to it. There are over 50,000 flowers people have created and saved in their system. This is similar to the snowflake maker from yesterday. So you sit there and tell your flower things like "grow", "go"," bigger", "blue", "water", "sun", "rain", and the more you say each word the more of that happens to your plant. Be careful though because to much sun or water at the wrong time basiclaly kills it back to the ground and then you have to re-grow it. It also accepts words such as "rose", "vine",� and "leaf" but I'm not sure how much these effect your plant.

Check out the full plant flower maker growing game for yourself over on the ecomagination site.


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People Throw Buckets Of Gasoline On A Tree For A Good Time

Fire Tree VideoApparently the highlight of this summer red neck party is throwing buckets of gasoline on a burning tree and watching it flame up. The commentary in the background is equally rediculous including "Be careful Dan". The flames from the fire actually shoot up pretty high and the tree itself must be�a pretty big tree (though it's possible that it's a dead tree). They also mention the guy throwing the gas as having almost fallen into the lake so it would seem the tree is a dead tree near a take. On fire. For a good time. Riiigghhhttt. Wait maybe this is the burning bush?

Watch these morons burn a tree for a good time.

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Blast The Golf Ball Over The Edge In Shooting Stars Golf For A Good Time

Shooting Star Golf Flash GameShooting Stars Golf is a game of miniture golf. You can choose between 3D or non-3D graphics. The graphics are alright but they could have been better. The holes are pretty tough as well and be careful not to shoot the ball too hard over the ramps because it can fly right off the playing area! Give it a shot if you like a challenge and miniture golf. It is kind of cool how it starts you out as a 2D top view but you can pan down with the mouse so you can view and play in 3D.

Get your golf on in this flash game.


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Be Careful That The Stupid Doesn't Rub Off On You If You Watch This Spoof Of Cribs

MTV Crib Spoof VideoThis video looks like it was recorded at West Point or the Air Force Academy as all the other people wandering around are in military uniform. The video itself is a spoof of the MTV Cribs show. In this video a guy wanders around with a bandana tied around his head showing off his dorm room. The amenities of his dorm include bunk beds, a fan for an air conditioner, walk in closet (you walk up to it and that's it), shower, and a computer. The "game" area has THREE microwaves (they make a big point of this). Wow. No wonder he had to spoof the real show as the show must suck.

Watch the Cribs spoof video for yourself and revel in the stupidity.


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Locate, Hunt, And Destroy Tanks In This Wireframe Retro Game

Tank Hunter Flash GameBased on the old Atari(?) style wire 3d tank game this flash game plays pretty good. You drive a tank around hunting other tanks and destroying them. Be careful though because they team up on your and shoot back. The graphics are retro but look alright if you liked the original game. The real test of a fun game is when you strip out all the graphics (like this game) and it is still fun. If it isn't very fun without the graphics then it might not be the best game in the cookie jar.

Get your tank hunt and destroy going on.


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Guy Base Jumps Out A Hotel Window In A Large City

Base Jumping From A Hotel VideoIn this video a guy is standing in his hotel room in the middle of a large city.�He has a parachute on and then hotel room�window is open. Someone else is there with him and they have a helmet on (not sure what for). He says something to the other person and then jumps�out the open window while holding the video camera and falls for maybe two to three seconds before pulling his parachute chord. Navigating between the buildings with his parachute he chooses an empty street (though he probably scoped it out beforehand) and comes down for a landing. After he lands in the middle of the empty street and he is gathering up his parachute a taxi driver pulls up who saw him land and tells him to be careful. The base jumper guy says something like "I came�out of�the sky".

Check the hotel base jump out.

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Beat Down Stick Figures GTA Style

Stick RPG Flash GameStickRPG is a free flash game RPG where you run around as a stick figure. It is pretty indepth for a stick figure game (be careful that you don't fall off the world though). The graphics are pretty basic but the world in the game is�not bad looking�so it works out. If you like RPGs this might appeal to you so give it a shot. Has some crude humor in it and of coarse it IS a stick figure game so expect bloody stick figures. Exploding. And getting run over.

Beat up stick figures for a good time.


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