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Light Show Syncronized To The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Syncronized Light Show VideoHere's a video of a Christmas light setup syncronized to music. Apparently the score is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo and the lights do a pretty good job of accenting the music. Not all of the lights are set to the music as some of the front white lights on the left and right side of the setup are not syncronized. The real question is does this guy have that thing going on the entire time or he only setup the syncronization to record it. It probably drives the neighbors nuts if it repeats over and over like that the whole time for a month.

Check out the video of the syncronized light show below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Red Rally Car Catchs Some Serious Air Before Being Owned By Gravity

Rally Car Accident VideoUp for today we have a Christmas themed video (well not really) of a red rally car that comes into view over a hill and slides out of control. Red cars are Christmasy right? Anyway, it slips off the far side of the road and the back wheels of the car slam into a dirt berm. Needless to say this causes the whole car to fly up in the air and flip end over end before crashing back down and rolling over one last time. The video ends there and there is no additional information regarding if anyone was injured in the car accident or not. Still it can give you a pretty good idea of what happens in a car accident and just how fast it happens.

Watch this red rally car eat some serious dirt below in this flying car wreck video or click over and view it on the host site.


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Get Ready For Christmas With This Shuriken Maker Er I Mean Snowflake Maker

Snowflake MakerSo this snowflake maker first came online in January 2003. Since that time there have been over 3.6 million snowflakes created and saved with it. Basically it mimics a piece of paper that is folded into a triangle that, when cut, unfolds to look like a snowflake. You can print out or save the snowflakes that you make or even email them to your friends. Personally since this is NinjaWax I created a shuriken snowflake for the ultimate snowball fight ninja device.

Check out the shuriken maker er I mean Snowflake Maker and post a link to your deadly snowflakes!


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Anime Twelve Days Of Annoying Things About Christmas Video

Anime 12 Days Of ChristmasI'm not sure if this is an official video or not but it is suppost to be te Twelve Days of Christmas from Storm Akira. It's hard to tell if they just mashed up an existing video and added some voice overs or if they really produced this how it is. The first day of Christmas in the video is finding a Christmas tree and it goes on from there about all the annoying things about Christmas. For example, Christmas lights that don't work or if they do they blow a fuse or blink. Some of the other days include hangovers, inlaws, Christmas specials on TV, and Christmas cards.

Check out the full Twelve Days Of Christmas anime video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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George Lucas Strikes Back With The Christmas Version Of Darth Vader All In Red

Christmas Darth Vader PhotoIf you are looking for what NOT to buy your local Star Wars nerd for Christmas this has probably got to be at the top of your list. I'd like to know what marketing genius or focus group came up with the idea of a red Darth Vader for Christmas and though it would sell a billion copies. What exactly do you do with a red Darth Vader + yuletide wreath + Christmas light's decorated Star Destroyer background? You can't exactly throw the red Darth Vader down with your other Star Wars nerd toys and get it on can you? What's the play? Darth Vader slipped in some red paint and is REALLY MAD NOW? I think you're way over the top now George. Which part of the continuity of Star Wars does a red Darth Vader fall into? What's next? Darth Vader in a Santa suit? I guess maybe you could stick it on the top of your Christmas tree if you were a real Star Wars nerd.

Check out the full size photo of the red Darth Vader action figure for yourself over at Rebelscum.


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Waste Time At Work With This Lander Asteroids Retro Combo Game

Flashteroids Flash GameFlashteroids is a free flash version of the classic game Lander. This game is pretty tough as the controls are very exact. Your job is to land the lander on the moon in the landing spot. You must also put the landing gear down and land flat. Plus you need to do all this without running out of feel first. Like I said it is pretty tough. The graphics are really nothing to speak about and are somewhat retro looking as well as having real photographs patched in. If you liked Lander this should work for you. You can also move your ship up and destroy Christmas ornaments Asteroids style.

Get your retro gaming on with this Lander + Asteroids clone.


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Santa Statue Cast In Cocaine Confiscated In France

Cocaine Santa Statue Photo

So I found this article on Yahoo about how French police just arrested four guys in sourthern France who had a Santa statue cast entirely out of cocaine. It also says they found four christmas crowns cast in aggregate cocaine as well. The haul consisted of 12 pounds of cocaine. That sounds like a seriously large haul of cocaine. Crazy stuff.

Check out the cocaine Santa photo and the original article.

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