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Video Of The Prehistoric Looking Shark Found Off The Coast Of Japan

Here's a video of that prehistoric shark that was caught off the coast of Japan. It looks like a cross between an electric eel and the flying dog from the Neverending Story. Apparently the shark died shortly after the video was filmed.



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Guy Builds A Vintage Car That Is Waterproof And Puts A Boat Prow On It To Escape Cuba

Blue Taxi PhotoIf you haven't heard about this you probably live in a cave. The coast guard picked up this floating vintage taxi cab off the coast of Florida trying to get from Cuba to Miami. Apparently the owner or driver of the cab has made multiple attempts using various vehicles and boats to get to the US according to the caption. The running US policy is that if you make it from Cuba to the US you can stay but if you are stopped by the Coast Guard while still at sea they send you back and sink you boat. That's a pretty cool looking boat to bad they probably sank it.

View the full size image of the float vintage car for yourself.


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Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Created In Europe To Set World Record

Big Chocolate Easter Egg PhotoThe Belgian chocolate maker Guylian created a giant chocolate Easter Egg in an attempt to get a world record for the largest chocolate egg. There are no dimensions given for the egg but I went into an image program and measured the pixels compaired to the person standing next to it. A rough estimate on how big the chocolate egg is would be around 22 feet high and 18 feet across. My two chocolate rumors that go with this post are that you are suppost to eat chocolate once a month to stay healthy because it has the same positive effects that wine has and secondly most of the cocoa beans in the world which are used to make chocolate are farmed in the Ivory Coast using child labor. You'll have to research those two things yourself on Google though.

Check out the full photo of the giant chocolate egg for yourself.


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Slam It Into Gear And Step On The Gas In Your Dune Buggy With Gorillaz Final Drive

Gorillaz Final Drive Flash GameGorillaz Final Drive is a free for all racing derby crash free flash game. Gravity is very liberal and you can roll and flip and bounce your dune buggy all over the place. The track has loops and jumps somewhat like a roller coaster or Pod Racer. The graphics are in 3D and the game feels a little unfinished but it is fun to jump and bounce the buggy all over the place. There is also a UFO flying around overhead and a white church near one of the roads. Oh and I think there is a Smurf in the back seat!

Get crazy with your dune buggy in Gorillaz Final Drive!


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Red Pickup Truck Meets Telephone Pole And Fire Hydrant In Orgy Of Stupidity

Redneck Surfing Truck Crash VideoHot on the heels of our last blog about the Redneck Roller Coaster we bring you a video with Redneck surfing. The video starts out what a guy climbing out of the door of his pick up trick and steering it with his foot while he hangs on the door. The video is taken by what seems like a guy on a motorcycle following the truck. The guy seems to be steering the truck alright and he almost runs into the curb near the beginning. But then we see that the guy has slipped on top of the windshield of the truck and the door has closed. Now there is no one steering the truck and it jumps the curb. The driver sees where the truck is going and slides off the side to save himself. The truck then proceeds to destroy a fire hydrant and slam into a telephone pole. D0H! The driver of the motorcycle with the video camera seems like he wants to speed away and leave his buddy to deal with the recked truck.

Here is a hint, you can't drive the truck with your feet from outside the truck.


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Redneck Roller Coaster Video Meets Junkyard Wars

Redneck Roller Coaster VideoI tried to come up with a description that was better than "Redneck Roller Coaster" for this video and I couldn't. It shows an old beater car from the 80s with a three person seat welded onto the hood. There are braces welded to the top of the car as well to keep the seat in place. The seat sticks out in front of the car causing the car to be able to balance forward on it's front wheels. In the middle they show it doing this balancing act multiple times but stopping fast and the back of the car flies up and then down again. I don't see anything that would keep the car from completely rolling over forwards though. I can't tell if there is something protecting the passengers riding in the three person seat at the front or not. They would be road kill real quick if that thing decided to roll over forwards.

Live dangerously on the Redneck Roller Coaster.

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Waterspout Off The Coast Of Southern California

California Storm Waterspout

AP News has two different pictures of a waterspout that touched down off the coast of Palos Verdes, California on January 3rd, 2005. A waterspout is a tornado over water so if it had happened over land it could have been a scene right out of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Suffice to say tornados are rare in Southern California. It doesn't really say how long the waterspout touched down for either.

Click on over to view the Waterspout #1 and Waterspout #2 pictures.

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