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Coffee Commercial Featuring A Guy Who Cleans The Wrong Car

In this commercial a guy comes out of his house to find his car is snowed over. He spends a bunch of time scraping the snow and ice off his car. When he goes to unlock it he finds that it isn't his car he cleaned. Apparently he didn't have his morning coffee.



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Guy Makes Art In The Top Of His Coffee Cup With Cream And Chocolate

Coffee Art VideoSo if you have nothing better to do with yourself you can sit around and make art in your coffee. The guy in this video takes about a half a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever it is and fills the rest of the cup with cream. Next he takes either a small screwdriver or a paintbrush and creates little designs in the top of the coffee. Some of them get pretty complex and at one point he adds in chocolate syrup to have another color to mix in with the coffee and cream. He makes everything from bunny faces to butterflies to star patterns and whatever else he can come up with.

Check out the full video below of the coffee art for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Magician Illusionist Ninja Pulls A Salt Shaker Through A Solid Piece Of Glass

Japanese Magic Salt Magician VideoI think we've posted a video of this Japanese magician guy before where he pulled a hamburger out of a sign and then put it back again. In this video he is sitting down at a glass coffee table with a bunch of people around. He gets a coin from one of the people and puts it in the middle of the glass table. He puts his hand over he coin on top of the glass and his other hand under the glass below the coin. The coin passes through the glass and ends up in his hand below the glass. As far as I can tell he simply palms the coin above the glass. If you watch his hand he takes the three fingers of his hand and curls them into a fist while pointing at the coin below the table with the forth finger. However, for his next trick he grabs a salt shaker and hands it to one of the people sitting at the table. She taps the glass above and below and finally holds the salt shaker below the glass. He puts  both hands above the salt shaker and the top side of the glass. The girl lets go of the salt shaker and he pulls the salt shaker through the glass. If you watch closely you can see the reflection of his hand on the glass above the salt shaker as he is pulling it through the glass. So is this guy a ninja or what?

Watch this magician pulls a salt shaker and drops a coin through a piece of glass for a good time in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Is To Lazy To Wash The Dishs So He Ends Up Drinking Straight From The Coffee Maker

All The Dishs Are Dirty Commercial VideoI can't tell if this commercial is for coffee, a coffee maker, or substitute sugar. Anyway a guy watchs into the kitchen and looks for a cup to use. Suffice to say every dish in the house is dirty and piled up on the counter. There is one cup in the cupboard which he gets down but it is dirty too. He leaves it on the counter and walks out of the view of the camera. We hear a noise to side and the camera pans down the counter which is full of dirty dishs until it finds the guy again. He has his head under the coffee maker and is drinking the coffe right as it comes out of the coffee maker because there are no clean cups to use (and he is to lazy to wash one).

Watch this guy drink right out of the coffee maker.


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Rubber Band Breaks Causing A Chain Reaction That Destroys The People In The Office

Office Mayhem VideoThe woman in this video is sitting at her desk in an office trying to get a rubber band to go around a large stack of envelopes. Finally she gets the rubber band on, sits back, and picks up her coffee. Just as she leans back the rubber band snaps, she drops her coffee, and tips over backwards in her chair. The guy behind her trips and falls out and the person in the far back walks into a filing cabinet. The title is "Bad Stationary" and I assume it is some commercial for better strength rubber bands?

Check out the video of the rubber band breaking and causing havok for yourself.


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