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Video Of The Game Runner Video Game Treadmill Control Device

Gamerunner VideoHere is a video of a treadmill which plugs into your computer and records the treadmill movement as forward movement in video games. This one is called Gamerunner and you run on the treadmill and then use a bike handle type device which is mounted on the front of the treadmill to move and fire. I have a similar product called a SimCycle which doesn't work very good for various reasons. The problems with the SimCycle were that it wasn't a real tension flywheel, your knees were always hitting the desk, and you would be winded but you couldn't stop (specifically in racing games) because if you did you'd lose the game. I'd say the Gamerunner is probably a better product then the SimCycle because you're standing up instead of sitting and you can hang on to the bike controller. Still the problem of getting winded though.

There is a review of the Gamerunner here and you can watch the video of the Gamerunner in action below or view it on the host site.


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Robot Chair Disassembles And Assembles Itself Again In This Video

Robo Chair VideoSo you may have seen the self replication robot cube video and this video is a somewhat more practical application of a similar idea. In this video it starts out with a chair sitting in the middle and then the chair falls apart onto the floor. Next up the chair starts to re-assemble itself automatically (as in it's a robot chair). The seat of the chair puts out some wheels and then moves around re-attaching the legs and back of the chair to itself. Finally, the chair stands up back into it's regular chair shape all by it's self. I couldn't come up with a real world application where you would need a robot chair to assemble itself because the materials involved are so much greater than say a molder plastic chair. It's rather Jetsonesque though.

Watch the video of the self assembling robot chair below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of An F1 Mercedes That Catchs Some Major Air Before A Crash

Flying Mercedes VideoAnd here I was convinced that cars couldn't fly where this video appears to prove me wrong. Now we've posted a similar video to this one before but this is not the same video. In the previous video the F1 car caught air, flew up, and came crashing down in the middle of the track. Not so with this new video of a F1 Mercedes which has a similar car accident. In this video the car catchs and updraft of air under it and proceeds to make multiple flips in mid air while moving off into the trees to the side of the track. When it crashs down in the middle of the trees there is a giant plume of earth that shoots up. Nice Mercedes.

Check out the full view of the flying Mercedes F1 over at their website or view it below.


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Guy Pulls A Bunch Of Concealed Weapons Out Of His Baggy Clothes In A Demo Video

Concealed Weapons VideoThis video clip appears to be an orientation video for some highschool which is probably shown to parents. In the video there is a guy wearing baggy clothes and he starts pulling guns out and puts them on the table. When you first look at him you can't even tell he has one gun. He starts at the left pulling guns out of his pocket and belt. At one point he pulls out a .45 with a really long barrel and then an Uzi with a full clip from the small of his back. Next he pulls out a full pump shotgun which was stuffed down the back of his baggy pants. Most of the other weapons seem plausable but this one I have my doubts on. You couldn't even sit down with a shotgun down the leg of your pants. It is pretty crazy though how many guns he has on him that you can't even seen.

Watch this guy pull at least ten guns out of his baggy clothes.


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Three Year Old Genius Busts Out With Crazy Xylaphone Performance

Genius Kid VideoThe girl in this video is three years gold. She is playing a very complicated song on a xylophone and after you watch the video you'll see what I mean. Most people couldn't even play it half as fast as she can and again she's only three years old. Apparently the video is taken somewhere in Asia as there is English translation at the bottom of the screen. She probably falls somewhere in between being a genius and being autistic but you'll have to watch the video and judge for yourself.

Watch this kid get crazy on the xylaphone. I bet you can't do that.


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Small Hatchback Goes From Drivable To Flaming Car To Burned Out Hulk

Car Fire VideoSo these people are driving along in their hatchback when the car starts to smoke. They pull over and open the hood to find some flicker of flames up near the dashboard. The smoke just gets worse and worse. They get out a fire extinguisher but as far as I can tell they never actually get it to work. Probably couldn't get the pin out or the plastic lock broken. The flames are realling coming out of the dashboard now. Fastfoward a little bit and the car gets slowly engulfed by fire. The firetrucks finally show up and put the fire out in a giant cloud of smoke and steam. The car is a total loss.

Watch this car turn into a blazing inferno.


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Ever Wanted To Hang Glide Without The Danger Of Falling 5000 Feet To Your Death?

Canyon Glider Flash GameCanyon Glider is a free flash game that you view from the side like an old arcade shooter. You play as a hang glider and you must take off and fly out over the desert through hoops to get points. Make sure you read the instructions though as in order to take off you must press the left and right arrows over and over to build up speed and take off. The graphics are professional and polished. The only problem for me it seems was that I was unable to get any are and therefore crashed repeatedly after takeoff. Your mileage may vary but I couldn't for the life of me make the thing fly.

Practice your hang gliding in this Canyon Glider game.


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Two Crazy Guys In A Zebra Suit Run Around In Africa And Get Attacked By Lions

Guys In Zebra Suit Attacked By Lions VideoI couldn't decide if this video was more awesome or more deserving of a Darwin Award Finalist medal. These two guys put on a bunch of protective gear (helmets, pads, guards, and more) and then get into a zebra suit. The one thing I didn't see was face protection on either of them. They run around in the African bush wearing the zebra suit with the zebra's until they get attacked by two lions. They run away from the two lions but not before the lions knock them down. The guy in front finally takes his zebra head off and the lion grabs it and drags it off. I guess the lion had never gotten the zebra's head off that quickly before.

Well you could try this at home if you lived in Africa, you had a zebra suit, and a death wish.


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Harry Potter Died And Was Buried 66 Years Ago In Israel

Harry Potter Grave PhotoApparently there is a grave stone in a cemetery in Ramle, Israel with the name "Harry Potter" on it. The grave is for a 19 year old British soldier who was killed in fighting in the West Bank 66 years ago. The article goes on to say that fans of the Harry Potter books and movies have been visiting the grave in droves. At first the caretaker of the cemetery couldn't figure it out until he learned of the books and movies with the Harry Potter name (he must live under a rock). The local council has now added the Harry Potter grave stone site to the official tourist guide for the town. There you have it. Harry Potter died 66 years ago at age 19. I guess we know how the books end now.

Read the article about Harry Potter or check out the full resolution photo of the Harry Potter grave stone.


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Redneck Roller Coaster Video Meets Junkyard Wars

Redneck Roller Coaster VideoI tried to come up with a description that was better than "Redneck Roller Coaster" for this video and I couldn't. It shows an old beater car from the 80s with a three person seat welded onto the hood. There are braces welded to the top of the car as well to keep the seat in place. The seat sticks out in front of the car causing the car to be able to balance forward on it's front wheels. In the middle they show it doing this balancing act multiple times but stopping fast and the back of the car flies up and then down again. I don't see anything that would keep the car from completely rolling over forwards though. I can't tell if there is something protecting the passengers riding in the three person seat at the front or not. They would be road kill real quick if that thing decided to roll over forwards.

Live dangerously on the Redneck Roller Coaster.

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