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Cowboy Monkey Rides A Dog Around In This Taco John Commercial

Cowboy Monkey VideoHere is a commercial for a taco fast food place which features a monkey cowboy. The monkey is dressed as a cowboy and he rides around on a dog who has a horse like color pattern. It's hard to tell if the monkey is actually controlling the dog (which I doubt) or the monkey is just hanging on while the trained dog runs around for the commercial. The video is set to a salsa music soundtrack and they have galloping sounds dubbed in for the running dog. The premise of the commercial seems to be that they deliver food really fast as the cowboy monkey blazes by people and leaves them their food.

Check out the full video of the cowboy monkey riding a dog around in this commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Trailer For The Serenity Movie Based In The Firefly Universe Available Now

Serenity Trailer VideoIf you're any kind of nerd at all you've probably already seen this trailer for the new Serenity movie based on the Firefly TV series. If you haven't seen it and you like action movies, science fiction, or space drop everything that you are doing right now and go watch the trailer. Apparently the movie is suppost to come out September 30th. If I were to give a description of this movie in three words it would be "cowboys in space". In any event you can get a head start and the back story by renting the Firefly DVDs.

Check out the full trailer of the Serenity movie for yourself.


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Defend The Whitehouse With Your Uzi In This Bush Shoot Out Game

Bush Shoot Out Flash GameIn this flash game you play as President Bush defending the Whitehouse from armed thugs bent on your destruction. Each level is in a different room of the White House. I was actually impressed by the world destroyability that the designers added into this game. Most flash shooting gallery games you just shoot say ducks or something and none of the environment is destroyable. In this game you can shoot up all the walls, paintings, chairs, etc. which is a nice change.

Grab your cowboy hat and your uzi and defend the White House!


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Techno Crack Out Blinking Cowboy Video Of Strangeness

Cowboy Techno VideoI'm not quite sure what exactly this video is suppost to be. I suppose it could be a music video as I think I've heard the tune they play during the video on DI.FM. Anyway in the video a guy walks in with the newspaper and turns on the sound system and then proceeds to read the paper. The song is techno and the guy is moving to the music a little bit. Then a cowboy starts flashing in and out behind him to the beat of the music. The guy feels someone watching him so he turns around and no one is there. He turns around again a few seconds later and sees the cowboy flashing in and out of existance. He jumps when he sees the cowboy and then turns the music off. When he turns around again the cowboy is now there and not flashing in and out. He tries to poke the cowboy in the eyes and the cowboy runs away out the front door. The guy chases him and then closes the door. End of video. See I told you it was weird.

Watch the guy crack out on techno acid music and see cowboys.


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