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Furby Lights Up And Burns To A Crisp In A Microwave

Here is a bizarre video of what happens to a Furby toy when it is microwaved. The head of the Furby burns brightly and then catchs on fire before burning down into a pile of ash. For a good time.



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Mouse Gets Chopped In Half And Regrows In This Mouse Illusion

Mouse Illusion VideoSo the guy in this video has a projector setup in a large room and a couple boxes down in the right corner of the screen where he is standing. He turns a camera onto a glass cage area and then takes a mouse out of one of the boxes and drops it into the cage area so it appears on the screen. Next he takes a wide chopping blade and chops the mouse in half. Both sides of the mouse are still running around and finally the second half of the mouse grows a new head. The guy takes the second mouse out of the box. Next up he puts a straw into the glass cage and blows the mouse up into a giant mouse. Finally the mouse blows out the air like a balloon and flies around the glass cage. Lastly the guy lights a cherry bomb and drops it in the glass cage. The mouse turns to a crisp and blows away.

Watch the full video of this 3D mouse illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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