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The Batmobile And Barbie Meet In A Cacophony of Glittery Neon Disney

Japanese VansIf you ever wanted to cross the Batmobile with glitter, a pink flamingo, neon lights, and Disney this might just be the ticket for you. This site has a bunch of photos of extremely customized Japanese vans. This thumbnail here is only one example of how crazy they get customizing over in Japan. Click over and see the other insain van photos.



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Funny Canadian Nissan Commercial Featuring Sterotypes

Here is a funny Nissan commercial from Canada where the salesman keeps changing the name of the car and his own sterotype to be most like the customer.



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Custom Home Defence Automated BB Gun Web Cam Video

Here is a video of a custom automated home defence USB BB gun web cam system. The guy in the video built the system and wrote the automation software. He demonstrates firing the BB gun inside his house and through the window.



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Darth Vader Helmet Made Into Hot Air Balloon In This Photo

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon PhotoHere's a custom project where a guy made a hot air balloon shaped like Darth Vader's head. The article about it is somewhat light on details but it does say they sent a 3D object file to the hot air balloon manufacturers and then made custom modifications once they received the final balloon.



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Real Custom Mech Built In Japan Demoed In This Video

In this video a guy in Japan shows off a mech he built for around $300,000. It looks like a mech but the legs don't actually lift off the ground and seem to just slide along like the feet have rollers under them. He has air cannons mounted on either side.



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Soccer Ball Contact Lenses Just Wait For The Corporate Logo Lenses

Soccer Ball Contact Lense PhotoSo one of the mosted emailed photos for today on Yahoo was this image of a "designer contact lense". This contact lense has a soccer ball on it with the center area open so you can still see out of your eye. A second set of contact lenses has the German flag on it. They're charging something like $54 a pop for these things. Just wait, you know they have deals in the works for all the mega brands like Coca Cola, 7-Up, etc. Wait for the tradeshows, other sporting events (American football?), or even TV shows where everyone there is wearing their brand logo on their eyeball.

Head on over and view the full sized photo of the custom contact lenses.


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Video Of A Girls Gone Wild Spoof Commercial Filmed In Baghdad

Girls Gone Wild Baghdad VideoHere is a pretty funny spoof of the Girls Gone Wild commercial. In this spoof they have a woman wearing a burka and lifting up the veil. They put black censored boxes over her face so you can't see anything bad! Frankly all the spoof commercial does is show how stupid and oppressive of a custom it really is. The real question is who are all the sheep buying the Girls Gone Wild video off the TV commercial anyway?

Check out the spoof Girls Gone Wild Baghdad commercial.


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Wife Is On The Cell Phone And Guy Has The Gas Station Clerk Hold It And Agree With Her

Store Clerk Does Everything VideoFrankly I thought this clip was pretty stupid for the amount of time it took getting to the point. The guy in red is a gas station clerk and he is holding a cell phone going "uh hu.. mm.. uh hu". He helps a few customers silently whole on the phone. Finally a guy comes out of the bathroom and the clerk gives him the cell phone. The new guy continues with the "uh hu.. mm.. uh hu" mumble agreement line. So basically the guy had to use the restroom and didn't want to say anything to the person on the phone so he handed it to the clerk guy to hold and pretend to be him while he was gone.

Cell phone pass trick stupid video.


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Photo Of An Infatuation With Lord Of The Rings Using Custom Art Car

Lord Of The Rings Custom Car PhotoI think someone might have a little bit to much of an infatuation with the Lord Of The Rings movies. The photo we have here was taken at some custom car show in Germany (it looks like). The whole front hood of the car (and the inside dash) is covered with a painting of what looks like the LOTR movie poster. There is a big ring in the center and then the characters around around the outside of the ring taking up the rest of the hood of the car. What do you think? Is this person a crackhead?

Check out the full resolution photo of the Lord Of The Rings car and then check out the photos of the other cars at the show.


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White Custom Car Does Many Smoking Donuts In An Empty Parking Lot Video

Car Does Donuts In Parking Lot VideoThe video clip here entirely consists of a custom white car or truck doing donuts and kicking up smoke in a parking lot. Now I'm not quite sure why is this suppost to be impressive but you can barely see the car through the smoke that it kicks up. At the end of the video when the car stops one of the passenger side doors opens and a guy rolls out. I guess he got dizzy going around in a circle just to make some smoke. Either that or he figured he better get out before the driver started doing donuts again. We also hear a siren going off at the end of the video.

Watch this custom car do donuts in a parking lot. Wow. Just wow.


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