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Flexible Video Display Prototype Developed For A Good Time

Flexible Video Display ArticleHere's an article about a flexible video display that Sony is working on. Apparently it is a combination of TFT and electroluminescent display technology. Electroluminescent is a cold light backing which takes very little electricity like you would use on a security vest. Sony is showing off a 2.5 inch flexible prototype display using the technology. Call me when I can actually buy it 5 years from now. I'm putting this one up there with e-ink and the laser laptop keyboard.



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Swiss Guy Flies Over 120 Miles An Hour With His Jet Wing In This Video

Jetman VideoHere's a Swiss guy named Yves Rossy who has developed a personal wing which he uses to fly around after jumping out of airplanes (see video one). Apparently sky surfing just wasn't cutting it so he built this. His latest version has four mini jet engines on it which allow him to go over 120 miles an hour (see video two). Apparently the wing has cost something like 150k British pounds to put togather. As you can see in the screen capture the wings fold up for when he is inside the plane and then open up when he jumps out. His end goal is to be able to take off and land which the jet wing as well instead of launching off a second plane already in the sky.

Check out the videos below of the Jetman or click over and view them on the host site.


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Video Of A Six Legged Tractor Developed By A John Deere Subsidiary

Insect Tractor VideoHere is a video of a "prototype" tractor that was (is?) being developed by a defunct John Deere subsidiary. It looks a lot like some kind of insect with six legs or a lot like that mondo spider video we posted the other day. According to some of the comments with the video they were developing it for use in low impact logging but it really moves very slow. I can't see it being practical moving that slow (though that mondo spider moved pretty fast). There are three different videos of this from different angles and at different locations so check out the "related" section on the host site for the other two.

Watch the insect tractor video below and click over to view it on the host site.


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Spray On Fabric Comes In A Can For The Win Photo And Video

Spray On Fabric PhotoApparently this company Fabrican Ltd. developed fabric which comes in a can that you can spray on whatever you want. Make a new shirt or add on to current garments. One of the best applications for this technology though is probably in emergency services (ambliance personal, first aid kits, and/or battle medics). You could just spray on a temporary bandage which contained antibiotics, antiseptics, and blood coagulants onto a wound in the field before transport to a medical facility. There appears to be two example photos of the spray on fabric. One of them is at the website of Fabrican and the second is over at We Make Money Not Art which has a t-shirt looking spray on photo. However, it doesn't look like there is any commercially available Fabrican at the moment.

Check out the Rocketboom video which also features a story about the spray on fabric.


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Robotic Pack Mule Developed For The Military In This Video

Robot Pack Mule VideoHere is a video of a robot pack mule that is being developed for the military to carry gear into terrain which is inaccessable by vehicle. They show it moving through various terrain including snow, deep mud, rocky shale, and just regular dirt. This thing looks like two guys carrying a load between them as the legs in the front and the back both have the joint pointed inwards. It really looks weird because it moves like a human but your eyes tell you it's a robot. They show it turning in a circle by side stepping and being able to catch itself if someone kicks it in the side. I'd like to see them walk this thing up a sand dune though. You know after they get this thing working pretty good as a pack animal that guard dogs and or mounting guns on this thing is next. Robot police horses? If we can't have flying cars this might be the next best thing. Imperial walkers here we come.

Watch the full video of this robot pack mule for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Somewhat Real Moving And Looking Robot Pet Dinosaur Toy

Robot Dinosaur VideoThis video features a robot dinosaur (long necked dinosaur) which was shown at Demo 2006. Apparently it will cost something around $200 and come out in late Q3 or some such. Anyway, in the video they talk about how the robot pet, named the Pleo, has a computer operating system in it which runs an AI setup to mimic a real pet or animal. The video shows the robot dinosaur moving around and grabbing onto the guy's finger. It looks alright but I hope they sell a bunch of these so that they can get to a 2.0 version. The legs looked too stiff and as far as I could tell it wasn't making any sound. It needs to be screamin' for mommy to make it more realistic (or I've seen to many dinosaur movies). The fake skin that have on it also looks pretty good but like I said if they get to do a 2.0 version of it maybe they can use that synthetic human like skin on it which has been developed for human like robots.

Head over to CNet and view the full video about the robot dinosaur for yourself.


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House Gets Blown To Kingdom Come With C4 In A Training Exercise In Iraq

Big Explosion VideoIn this video, which takes place in Iraq, some troops have packed a house with C4 in a training exercise. You wait for a good 30 seconds or more before the explosion actually goes off. I'm not sure what that dust cloud is in the background behind the house either. But when the C4 goes off it totally levels the house and blows dirt and pieces of house everywhere. There is so much dust you can't see a thing. The screenshot there is the exact moment of the explosion before all the dust obscures it. Bet the Chinese never thought it would come to this when they developed gun powder eh?

Watch some soldiers take out a house in training.


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Photo Of Woman In Brazil Who Was Born In 1880 Which Makes Her 125 Years Old

Photo Of 125 Year Old WomanMaria Olivia da Silva lives in Brazil and is 125 years old. She was born in 1880. What are the chances that you will live to be 125 years old? I believe most developed countries have a life expectancy of around 75 years. The article states that they think Maria may be the oldest living woman in the world. She married twice and has outlived all but 3 of her 14 children. Her son describes her as mentally sound and rational with an impressive memory. Good luck on getting to 125 yourself (check your Death Clock!).

Read the full article about the 125 year old woman and view a higher resolution photo of Maria over on Yahoo.


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