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Illusionist Performs Disappearing Trick Using A Mirror

Here's a video which shows an illusionist's trick in action. The guy is standing on a table, he lifts up a towl, and disappears. The trick is that there is a mirror running down the middle of the table facing the camera which reflects back the camera side of the table. The illusionist is behind the mirror.



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A Giant Number Two Appeared In The Hurricane Wilma Doppler Radar

Number Two In Wilma Doppler RadarSo I was reading DrudgeReport this morning and there was this image from NBC2 News in Florida of the Doppler radar on Hurricane Wilma coming ashore. A giant number two appears in the eye of the hurricane. The thumbnail image here shows the number two and they also have a video showing the number two forming in the eye of the hurricane and then disappearing again. They claim there was no image manipulation involved. Now we know for sure that aliens are controlling the weather (hint: this is a joke)!

Check out a larger size image plus the video of the doppler radar number two for yourself.


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Guy Magically Disappears Inside Cardboard Box Video

Guy Disappears Inside Box VideoIn this video a guy walks up to a box and steps into it. Then it picks up the box with himself inside and lifts it up. The box is whole and he is holding it but you can't see his legs. He keeps lifting the box up higher and higher until he completely disappears inside the box. He lifts the box above the camera via and then the box drops down�to the floor and he is completely gone. There are a couple different ways they could have done this. They could have used a blue screen but that isn't how I think they did it. I think they record video of the scene without the box or the guy in it. Then they take the video of the guy with the box. Afterwards they drop the box from above the camera view to complete the last shot. They go back and remove everything under the box via computer using the clean shot with nothing in it as the background that they took in the beginning. The only hard part I saw was when the box is up high enough that you can see the bottom of the box.

Check the magic disappearing box guy out for yourself.


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