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Shaky Cam Video Of The Worlds Tallest Horse

Here's a video taken from what seems like a cell phone came of the world's tallest living horse. Apparently he eats 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water a day. He's 6 feet and 7.5 inchs tall which I assume is at the shoulder and weighs around 2400 pounds.



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Cave Man Learns The Consequences Of Not Using Fedex In This Commercial

Fedex Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Fedex featuring cave men and dinosaurs. The one cave man puts his package on a flying dinosaur and sends it off. The problem is a T-Rex eats the flying dinosaur and the message. So the cave man goes back to the cave man boss and tells him the package didn't back it. The boss asks him if he used Fedex (which he didn't) and then tells him he's fired. The cave man can't believe it because Fedex 'doesn't exist yet'. He stomps off out of the cave where he gets crushed by a giant dinosaur.

Check out the cave man Fedex commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Patchs The Horse Rides Around In A Cadillac Like A Person

Horse Car VideoIt's come full circle now from horse drawn carriages to car drawn horses. The horse in this video is named Patchs and these two guys have modified their car so that the horse can drive around with them. The front passenger seat has been removed and the horse sits on the backseat and looks over the windshield. They also added some padding to the top of the windshield and removed the roof of the car. It looks like a giant white Cadillac but they used a spray can to put brown dots all over it. They buy cheeseburgers for the horse which he eats and he answers the phone and sleeps in a human bed. Whatever works.

Check out the video of the horse that drives around in a car below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Largest Man Made Machine In The World Eats A Bulldozer

Mine Machine ArticelHere is a blog article which contains a stream of photos picturing one largest moveable man made machine in the world. Apparently it is an open mining machine in Germany. The article talks about how they had to move it from one mine area to another and it can only move in a straight line so they had to drive it over roads and train tracks. Once it got to the new mine it had a mishaps where it got a bulldozer caught in it's giant mining wheen (pictured).

Check out all of the photos of this giant man made machine for yourself after the jump.

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Malaysian Python Eats Pragnant Sheep And Can Not Move In This Photo

Snake Eats Sheep PhotoThis photo of a python eating an entire pregnant sheep has been one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo for at least two weeks and possibly more. After eating the sheep the python was to heavy to move which allowed local firemen to capture it in Malaysia. It is hard to tell but I think the head of the sheep is still sticking out of the snake's mouth. It looks like the top of the head of the python is facing the camera. So the real question is what did they do with the python after they captured it?

Check out the full sized photo of the python eating a sheep for yourself.

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Spoof Video Of A Woman Eating A Bunch Of Mentos And Drinking Diet Pepsi

Exploding Mentos Woman VideoSo if you live in a cave and you haven't seen the vidoes of mentos being dropped into bottles of Diet Pepsi this is a spoof of those videos. The woman takes a bottle of Diet Pepsi and 'drinks' it. At this point she eats a whole pack of mentos and then jumps up and down to mix the two togather. You'll have to watch the end of the video to see what happens to her afterward. Obviously this video is a spoof and most if not all of the Diet Pepsi spills down onto the ground and she doesn't really eat the mentos either.

Watch the video of the human mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Eats A Bunch Of Food And The Video Is Viewed In Reverse

Backwards Eating VideoHere is a music video (and music really has nothing to do with the video at all) where they recorded this guy eating a bunch of different foods. They then took the video and reversed it so instead of eating the food he is basically pulling all the food out of his mouth and putting it on the plates around him. The music track was then layed over it (so feel free to mute it if you want). He eats (or spits out depending on how you look at it) all kinds of stuff like hotdogs, celery, hard boiled eggs, chips, anchovies, (drinks) water, an ice cream cone, a banana, and a slice of watermelon among other things.

Watch the full video of this guy eating food in reverse for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Panda Eats Cake Wears Crown For A Good Time On Birthday

Panda Birthday Crown PhotoIt's not every day that you see a giant panda sitting in a chair, wearing a crown, and eating a piece of cake with a fork now is it? The panda's name is Bass according to this news article and the giant panda who lives in China is celebrating her 25th birthday. I suppose this isn't any different than European dancing bears from the Middle Ages. The average weight for a female panda looks like it's between 155 and 220 so Bass is a chubber weighing in at 304 pounds. Fact is stranger than fiction for the win.

Click over to view the full sized photo of the giant panda wearing a crown.


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Japanese Magician Pulls Real Hamburgers Out Of A 2D Sign And Eats Them

Japanese Magician Trick VideoSo the Japanese magician guy in this video has me stumped. He's a street magician and he's outside a fast food restaurant (maybe a Micky D's). There is a crowd of people watching and there is a sign on the wall with pictures of hamburgers. He reachs up and pulls a real hamburger out of the sign. The place where the hamburger was in the sign is now a whitespace and he holds a real hamburger in this hand. He takes a bite out of it and then places it back into the sign. The hamburger in the sign now has a bite out of it. Next it does it again to another burger farther down in the sign. He talks a bite out of this one as well and then walks off. For the life of me I can't see the burger in this hand when he moves it up to the sign. Is it a video trick or does this guy rock?

Watch the full video of the Japanese hamburger magician guy below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Dash Boarders Or Mud Boarders As I Call Them Get Crazy In This Competition Video

Dashboarding VideoApparently the sport depicted in this video is called dashboarding (by the people that do it anyway). If you ask me it looks more like mud boarding. As far as I can tell you go down to a river mouth or some other area where there is very shallow water and sand. Then you set up some rails to grind on and you "dash". Dashing consists of a surf boars style board that is flat but short (shorter than even a boogie board). The user runs and dumps on the board which is sliding on the top of the 1-2  inchs of water. Once on the board the dasher hits the rail and does a grind. Sometimes the dashboard eats it. One guy in the video (and only one guy) has a helmet on. He eats it. Everyone has no helmet and half of them eat it. Two or three of them break their boards in half.

Check out the dashboarding (I'm going to call it mud boarding) for yourself.


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