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Darwin Award Finallist Tries Some Backyard Wrestling For A Good Time

Bad Crack VideoIt's all fun and games until someone breaks a couple ribs. This Darwin Award Finalist is pretending to be Hulk Hogan but it doesn't turn out to tell. He has two sawhorses with a piece of cardboard between them. It also looks like the cardboard is duct taped to both sawhorses. He runs up and jumps on the cardboard which is really just a flat box. The cardboard goes down and the sawhorses tip inward crushing the guy between them. All I can say is you should have known that was going to happen. Don't try this at home as obviously IT DOESN'T WORK.

Watch this winner take his life in his hands for a good time.


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Small Hatchback Goes From Drivable To Flaming Car To Burned Out Hulk

Car Fire VideoSo these people are driving along in their hatchback when the car starts to smoke. They pull over and open the hood to find some flicker of flames up near the dashboard. The smoke just gets worse and worse. They get out a fire extinguisher but as far as I can tell they never actually get it to work. Probably couldn't get the pin out or the plastic lock broken. The flames are realling coming out of the dashboard now. Fastfoward a little bit and the car gets slowly engulfed by fire. The firetrucks finally show up and put the fire out in a giant cloud of smoke and steam. The car is a total loss.

Watch this car turn into a blazing inferno.


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