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Mutant Two Toned Lobster Caught In Rhode Island

This video shows the two towned mutant lobster caught off Rhode Island. One half is normal lobster color and the other half is black. Pretty strange looking to have such a clear cut line turn up naturally I'd think.



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Guy Builds His Own Stonehenge Using Sticks And Rocks For A Good Time

Stonehenge Reloaded VideoGuy in this video is working on his own Stonehenge using only sticks and rocks. In the video his rolls a one ton rock along a specially designed wooden platform using only his hand. He shows how he uses a stone under a huge block of concrete to spin it around and how if he puts another stone under it he can move it with a lever system. In another video clip he moves an entire bard using this method. He takes a huge Stonehenge style block and drops it upright in a hole using some weights, rope, and sticks. In order to get the huge piece of rock high enough to drop it in he rocks it back and forth and sticks a stick in each side of the fulcrum after he rocks it. Reminds me of the Coral Castle guy in Florida. He puts the National Geographic (?) Easter Island guys who were doing something similar to shame though.

View the video of this guy building his own Stonehenge using sticks and rocks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pirates Come Back From The Dead And Get Revenge On Looters In This Video

Pirate Lego VideoPirates come back from the dead and battle treasure hunters who loot their sunked ship in this lego motion video. It uses a bunch of different video filters to set time and place (sepia filter, blue filter, grainy filter, etc.). I can't tell if they do any stop motion in the video but they do control the lego guys puppetlike with thread. In any event the pirate ship sinks long ago and grows seaweed at the bottom of the sea for a long time. Come 2003 when a set of treasure hunters find the wreck and loot the treasure from it. The pirates wake up and blow up the submarine of the treasure hunters with a cannonball. The rest of the treasure hunters are stranded on an island with the treasure. The pirate ship attacks killing them all but only the pirate captain survives. Watch the video to find out how the captain meets his maker for betraying his crew at the end. It feels like a movie that was made in 'The Movies' video game.

Video the lego puppet stop motion pirate video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Strange 3D Pirate Film Features A One Eyed Captain And A White Elephant

Student Pirate Film VideoHere is a strange little 3D pirate film which is about four minutes long. A lone pirate captain finds a treasure map in a bottle while trying to guzzle some rum. He pulls up the anchor (which is really a wagon wheel) and fires up the prop on his one man pirate ship. Once he reachs the island on the map he slogs through the jungle in the dark. He fires his pistol at an annoying firefly and kills the last living white elephant. Next up he finds the treasure chest in a cave and proceeds to open it only to find it contains nothing but a t-shirt. The island was really suppost to be an amusement park for the now dead white elephant. Told you it was strange.

Watch the strange student 3D pirate film below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Surfer Ninjas Brave Giant Waves At Teahupoo Tahiti In This Video

Surfing Teahupoo Waves VideoThis big wave surfing video was shot at Teahupoo, Tahiti and it features some pretty big waves very close to shore. The video starts out with some pretty big waves with no one surfing them. Watch the water suck up and under the very first wave they show -- it's pretty amazing. The waves seem to be coming right down a corridor and not effecting the camera boat which seems to be stationed right next to where they break. Additionally, the break has a spray effect where the water shoots down the wave tunnel in a huge whiteout spray. The guys have to be towed into the wave on jet skis as well and if you know anything about surfing that means BIG waves. They show a number of guys catching waves, a wipeout, and some whiteouts before panning towards shore where you can see how close to the islands they are. So the real question is, are surfers really ninjas (note the black suits and death defying feats)?

Check out the full video of these huge wave breaks at Teahupoo, Tahiti for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Swings Around Flaming Balls Of Fire In This Video For A Good Time

Fire Poi VideoIn this video we have what the caption of the video describes as "fire poi". I assume this description is based on the two swinging fireball things being from some Pacific island nation. In any event this guy is swinging these two sling like objects around at night while they are on fire. There is no sound with the video and he does pretty will for the most part except for one try where they get tangled up behind him. I'm not sure if he was trying to do an under the leg or what. As to how they work I assume it's probably some dense cloth that is soaked a flameable liquid. So what do you think, does fire poi mean flaming balls of fire?

Check out the flaming balls of fire for yourself by clicking here or view the full video below.


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Ring gravity in Halo isn't what it use to be.

Halo Gravity VideoOver at iFilm I found a Halo Physics Experiment video. It is taken in one of the early levels in Halo on the island beach. The person filming the video throws grenades under warthogs and blows them up in the air and over the cliff above. Pretty amazing stuff. When I remember playing that level in Halo I drove the warthog all the way out into the ocean until I hit the end of the level (not quite the same I know). In the same vein Bungie actually went and made a Warthog Flash Game where you set grenades under the Warthog and blow it up attempting to destroy a bunch of aliens in one shot.

Watch the Warthog fly.

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