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Video Of A Six Legged Tractor Developed By A John Deere Subsidiary

Insect Tractor VideoHere is a video of a "prototype" tractor that was (is?) being developed by a defunct John Deere subsidiary. It looks a lot like some kind of insect with six legs�or a lot like that mondo spider video we posted the other day. According to some of the comments with the video they were developing it for use in low impact logging but it really moves very slow. I can't see it being practical moving that slow (though that mondo spider moved pretty fast). There are three different videos of this from different angles and at different locations so check out the "related" section on the host site for the other two.

Watch the insect tractor video below and click over to view it on the host site.


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Cowboy Monkey Rides A Dog Around In This Taco John Commercial

Cowboy Monkey VideoHere is a commercial for a taco fast food place which features a monkey cowboy. The monkey is dressed as a cowboy and he rides around on a dog who has a horse like color pattern. It's hard to tell if the monkey is actually controlling the dog (which I doubt) or the monkey is just hanging on while the trained dog runs around for the commercial. The video is set to a salsa music soundtrack and they have galloping sounds dubbed in for the running dog. The premise of the commercial seems to be that they deliver food really fast as the cowboy monkey blazes by people and leaves them their food.

Check out the full video of the cowboy monkey riding a dog around in this commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Fake Your Eyes Out With This Black And White To Color Castle Illusion Photo

Castle Illusion PhotoSo here is a crazy illusion with a black and white image where you stare at the center of�a 100% luminosity version of the same photo�and after thirty seconds the black and white version looks like it is in color. For me after it looked like it was in color the color "burned" off of it as I moved my eyes away from the center dot that you are suppost to stare at to cause the effect. I assume this illusion is based on the after image effect and the 100% luminosity puts almost an inverted version of the image into the after effect on your eye. Or some such. Also includes a tutorial on how to make your own.

Click over and check out the black and white to color castle illusion for yourself.


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Top 25 Funniest Political Quotes in 2004

Funny Arnold has a list they made up of what they think are the top 25 funniest political quotes from 2004. I think they are for the most part pretty funny but some of them fall flat and some aren't in the right order. A few quotes from the article are as follows.

#25: "Well, there was no sex for 14 days." �California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on getting the cold shoulder from his wife after backing President George W. Bush at the Republican Convention

"If Barbara gets her hands on John Kerry, he might get another Purple Heart." �Former President Bush, on the political attacks on his son

"Did the training wheels fall off?" �Sen. John Kerry, after being told by reporters that President Bush took a tumble during a bike ride

Click over to to see the rest of the funny quotes.


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