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Guy With Rockets On His Feet Jumps Off Hot Air Balloon

Guy puts on a skydiving wing suit, straps a jet engine to each of his feet, and jumps off of a hot air balloon for a good time in this video.  It doesn't look like it would be very easy to land with the jet engines on his feet but I assume he just pops a parachute.



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Ostrich Skis Around And Does Jumps And Stunts For A Good Time

Here is a pretty bizarre video (commercial?) featuring an ostrich skiing. I can't tell if it's a real ostrich, a CG ostrich, an ostrich on a blue/green screen, a person in an ostrich suit, or a combination of all three. CG for the win or real ostrich?



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Swiss Guy Flies Over 120 Miles An Hour With His Jet Wing In This Video

Jetman VideoHere's a Swiss guy named Yves Rossy who has developed a personal wing which he uses to fly around after jumping out of airplanes (see video one). Apparently sky surfing just wasn't cutting it so he built this. His latest version has four mini jet engines on it which allow him to go over 120 miles an hour (see video two). Apparently the wing has cost something like 150k British pounds to put togather. As you can see in the screen capture the wings fold up for when he is inside the plane and then open up when he jumps out. His end goal is to be able to take off and land which the jet wing as well instead of launching off a second plane already in the sky.

Check out the videos below of the Jetman or click over and view them on the host site.


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Guy Train Surfs In The Back Of Bullets Trains For A Good Time

Trainsurfing VideoHere is a video of a guy 'trainsurfing' which is to say he jumps on the back of a bullet train and holds on for dear life until the next train stop. It looks like he attaches some kind of suction device to the back window of the train which has a cable attached to it that he holds onto. According to the caption for the video these bullet trains can reach up to 300 km/h or 186 miles an hour. There are quite a few train surfing videos on YouTube. Apparently the guy in the video died of leukemia in 2006. Hint: Don't try this at home.

Check out the train surfer video below or click over and view it on the host site where they also have similar videos.


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Video Ad Where A Dog Craps On His Masters Bed For A Good Time

Funny Dog Crap VideoThis video is an anti dog crapping on the street public service announcement. It starts out with a dog waking up and running into his masters bedroom. The dog jumps on the bed and takes a giant crap right on the bed in front of his masters face. The guy finally wakes up (from the smell I assume) but he isn't mad. He laughs and plays with the dog. To paraphrase the ad, it says "We don't care how you do it at home but on the street pick up your dog crap." The look on the guy's face when he first sees the dog crap is classic.

Watch the anti-dog crapping on the street public service announcement video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Cleaning Commercial Where Cleaning Is Alluded To Being In Prison

Funny Cleaning Commercial VideoThis commercial is for some cleaning agent and it is pretty funny because it is setup to look like a little girl is talking to her mother in a prison. The girl is on one side of a piece of glass and the mother is on the other side in an orange jump suit. The mother also looks like a crack head (literally) the way she has no makeup on and how her hair is falling into her face. The girl puts her hand up to the glass as if they can't touch each other because of the prison wall. Near the end it pans out and you can see that the mother is actually in a bathtub with a glass door. She's wearing the jumpsuit because she is attempting to clean the grunge out of the bathtub but it is taking forever (like it were a prison). 'Don't spend your life cleaning.' is the text at the end of the ad.

Watch the funny cleaning commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Monkey Plays The Video Game Ms Pacman For The Win

Monkey Plays Ms Pacman VideoIn this video there is a monkey (chimp?) setup with it's own Ms Pacman terminal. It seems that they have the screen and the joystick ruggedized so if the monkey gets crazy mad and starts beating on it nothing gets broken. The monkey does pretty good moving Ms Pacman around capturing the corner pebbles, capturing bananas, eating the ghosts, and getting eaten by the ghosts. The human 'trainer' person does a little bit of directing by pointing at the screen with suggestions on where the monkey should move to but for the most part the monkey is playing the game. At one point the monkey gets very excited and jumps away from the console before the trainer gets him back to the game.

Watch the full video of the monkey playing Ms Pacman below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Spoof Video Of A Woman Eating A Bunch Of Mentos And Drinking Diet Pepsi

Exploding Mentos Woman VideoSo if you live in a cave and you haven't seen the vidoes of mentos being dropped into bottles of Diet Pepsi this is a spoof of those videos. The woman takes a bottle of Diet Pepsi and 'drinks' it. At this point she eats a whole pack of mentos and then jumps up and down to mix the two togather. You'll have to watch the end of the video to see what happens to her afterward. Obviously this video is a spoof and most if not all of the Diet Pepsi spills down onto the ground and she doesn't really eat the mentos either.

Watch the video of the human mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninja Chipmonk Takes On Cat With Matrix Moves And Wins

Ninja Chipmonk Fight VideoSo the video starts out with a chipmonk (ninja) hiding from a cat under a car tire. The cat keeps trying to see the chipmonk around the tire but the chipmonk is too quick for the cat. Finally, the chipmonk has had enough and moves away from the tire off through the grass. The cat follows and starts batting at the chipmonk. Here is where the (chip) ninjamonk starts getting crazy on the cat. The ninjamonk jumps maybe two or three inchs up in the air every time while spinning around trying to scare the cat off. Finally, the ninjamonk starts getting up in the cats face and the cat gets scared, turns tail, and runs off.

Watch the full video of the chipmonk scaring a cat away below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bull Jumps Into Stands And Rampages Through Crowd In This Video

Bull Attack VideoThe BBC is running a story and video about a bull in Mexico City which jumped into the spectator stands of the bull ring and ran amuck. It's pretty amazing how high the bull was able to jump as the wall is probably at least six feet high but the bull just sails over it. The funny thing in the video is all the people in the stands that basically stand there and watch the bull running around crazy in the seats right in front of them and even taking photos of the bull. The one couple in white just stands there and only moves when the bull turns towards them. Apparently, only one of the people was injured. A matador killed the bull in the stands shortly thereafter. The funny thing about the news commentator is he comments something to the effect of "No one knows why the bull went crazy like that!". Yeah, I wonder why the bull tried to escape when you're trying TO KILL IT.

Head on over and view the full video of the bull rampaging through the stands.


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