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Compose Beats Using Lasers And A Bowl Of Water In This Video

Toriton Plus VideoThis video features what is basically a bowl of water which when the water surface is disturbed produces sound on a computer. Somehow this guy has five lasers setup to monitor the surface of the water and generate sound from movement of the surface. The purpose isn't to record the sound of the water but to make the water into a musical instrument control panel or some such. In the example the guy splashs and drips the water which causes different sounds to be played on a computer. For the win?

Watch the water music composer video or whatever it is below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Strap Into Your Space Ship And Get Your Alien Killing On With This A Blast Game

A Blast Flash GameA cross between the 1942 top down plane shooter and Space Invaders. You fly your ship, shoot lasers at aliens, and collect powerups. Once fault with this game is that the background is completely black which is rather boring. If you like this type of top down scrolling shooter give this game a shot because it will entertain you for at least a few minutes while you waste time at work. Other than that that's all there is to it.

Get your arcade game playing on with A-Blast for a good time.


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