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Live TV Mushroom Cloud Weathercam Video Injection Prank

Here's a funny video of an automated weathercam�which�was displayed on live Czech TV that�was hacked to display a mushroom cloud. The footage looks pretty realistic with the camera whiting out for�good period before showing the cloud. There wasn't any shockwave though which kind of gave it away as being a prank. War of the Worlds is that you?



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Godzilla Does The First Level From Super Mario Brothers For A Good Time

This video features Godzilla playing the first level of Super Mario Brothers. I'm going with Godzilla is overkill in this setting. What have the mushroom guys got against his lightning breath attack? Apparently the mashup was done with a side scroller EMU application.



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Video From 1953 Of A Nuclear Test Explosion Like The One From Hiroshima

1953 Nuclear Test VideoOne of the top viewed videos over on Google is this video of a nuclear bomb test from 1953. The yield of the bomb was about the same as the one used over Hiroshima, Japan. It appears to be an underground test as I don't see a shockwave at all or if there is one it doesn't pass over the camera (like the one which sweeps over the ships in the South Pacific test videos if you've seen them). The mushroom cloud just keeps rising and rising off this thing.� You can probably use Google Maps to see the crator from this test.

Watch the full video of a nuclear test from 1953 below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Catch Files With Your Mushroom Tongue In This Butch Mushroom Game

Butch Mushroom Flash GameButch Mushroom is a strange little free flash game. You play as a mushroom with big bulgy eyes and teeth. Butch would be a frog if he wasn't a mushroom. Anyway you move around and eat bugs and other insects by snapping them up with your teeth. The graphics are a cross between hand drawn and photorealistic. Worth the experience but still somewhat strange. Maybe the people that put it togather were taking mushrooms at the time they built it!

Get your mushroom on in this bobblehead catch the flies game.


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Couple Of Guys Set Off A Big Mushroom Explosion Out In A Dry River Or Lake Bed

Mushroom Explosion VideoCouple of guys (by the sound of it) look to be out in a dry river bed or on the beach or something. The sound in this clip is not safe for work. They have a fuse on some explosive material set off in the distance and they are waiting for it to go off. When it blows up it make a pretty good mushroom cloud and big boom. The funniest thing about the video is the guy with the camera though. He's yelling and carrying on after it blows up and then they run towards it and see little fires burning all over the place in the sand.

Watch these guys blow up a bunch of sand and hear them yell in this video.


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Two Guys Playing With Fire (And Most Likely Gasoline) Scare Themselves Silly

Surprise Explosion VideoCouple of guys have a brightly burning something in the middle of what looks like a school playground (I think I see swing sets in the background). The one guy is walking back towards the camera with his back to the fire. He is sauntering along looking around when suddently it explodes in a huge bang and fire shoots up into the sky�in a mushroom cloud. It scares the crap out of the guy who had his back to the fire and even the camera man ducks down quick. Right after the explosion they both take off running down a tunnel away from the burning whatever it was. Don't try this at home kids.

Watch these two guys set off an explosion and scare the crap out of themselves.


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Gas Mushroom Cloud Explosion Video

Explosion Video

I was over at and they have a video which they claim is a home made firework. It is filmed in what seems like a highway�underpass. It looks like there might be train tracks running between the explosion and the camera. Someone lights a fuse and then runs off camera. The fuse takes awhile to get it done and the explosion doesn't happen until near the end of the video. As you can see in the picture it makes a pretty big boom and mushroom cloud of smoke. Someone in the comments section posted the following,

Im a pyromaniac/pyrotechnician an in my expert opinion, that was not a bomb or firework. they got that effect by taking a big jug of gas and putting a fuse in it. the "mushroom cloud" effect was caused by the fact that the lid was loose, so all the burnt gas jetted out of the hole really fast.

The voices in the video aren't speaking English so it is a pretty good bet the video is taken somewhere in Europe. Crazy stuff. All that smoke probably brought the fire engines in�a hurry.

Check out the video for yourself.

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