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Tallest Man In The World And One Of The Smallest Meet Up In This Photo

Tallest And Smallest Man In The World PhotoHere's an article from the UK with photos of the tallest and one of the smallest man in the world. The tallest guy is 7 feet 9 inchs and the small guy in the photo is 2 feet 4 inchs tall. Apparently there is another guy that is slightly shorted. The small guy is 19 years old and the tallest guy is 59 years old I. The tallest guy was also recently married.


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Step Back In Time With The Fallout Shelter Handbook

Fallout Shelter Handbook PhotosSome guy found an old Fallout Shelter handbook at an Arts Festival and has scanned a few of the pages and put them up on the web. The cover of the handbook shows your normal 50's family living underground in their normal clothes. Some of the advertisements that go with it include a geiger counter, an air pump system, an age chemical toilet, and a portable toilet stand. The movie, The Day After, portrays it somewhat differently after an attack which doesn't look at all like the cover of the Fallout shelter handbook.

Check out the full page scan of the fallout shelter handbook plus other pages inside it after the jump.


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Thumbelina Dwarf Mini Horse Is Only 17 Inchs Tall In This Photo

Tiny Dwarf Horse PhotoHere's a photo of a dwarf mini horse. The people that own the horse breed small horses and this small horse just happens to be a dwarf mini horse. The horse is about five years old now, weighs 60 pounds, and is 17 inchs tall. Normal small horses live about 34 years but because of her size this horse will probably live 17 years. The owners have named the horse Thumbelina according to the article. Apparently the horse prefers to live with the dogs rather than the other horses because they are more her size. They need to get one of these for the miniture guy in Nepal.

Check out the full article plus a large photo of Thumbelina the dwarf mini horse.


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14 Year Old In Nepal Is Only 20 Inchs Tall And Could Be Smallest Man In World

Small Guy In Nepal PhotoSo this is one of the many photos of the 14 year old from Nepal who is only 20 inchs tall. Apparently he has to wait until he is 18 before he can be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the smallest man in the world record. His name is Khagendra Thapa Magar and this photo has him standing next to his brother who is younger than he is. There are multiple other photos of this guy over on Yahoo as well. Again this just demonstrates that most myths are based on fact such as Tom Thumb who probably did exist and was similar to this guy.

Head over to Yahoo and view the full sized photo of this minature guy plus other photos of him.


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Build A Do It Yourself LCD Wall Projector In This Video For Around $100

DIY Projector VideoIn this video they show you how to make a wall projector out of an old LCD and one of those overhead projectors. The video shows the guy taking an LCD monitor apart and removing the LCD itself from the case. He then places the LCD on top of the overhead projector projection area and tapes it down on the sides. Additionally he adds one small computer fan to the side to keep it cool (though I'm not sure how much good that tiny fan is doing). The end result is what looks like about a 100 inch screen projection on the wall. The whole setup can probably be completed in under $100.

Check out the DIY wall projector on the cheap in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Classic Video Games Depictred In Stop Motion Video Of Household Objects

Stop Motion Video Game VideoIn this video someone out there on the interweb took the time to create stop motion homages to old video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders. The items in the stop motion video are all from around the house like sponges, toys, cupcakes, salt shakers, leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. First up it features Centipede using cupcakes, muffins, birthday candles, and salt shakers. They did a pretty good job capturing the gameplay in all of them. Next up is Frogger which uses sponges, sequence, watchs, pretzels, and other such items to create a pretty accurate depiction of Frogger even down to the high score. Next up is Asteroids, Space Invaders, and finally Pac-Man where Pac-Man is played by a pizza.

Click over and check out the full stop motion video homage to classic video games.


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New vs Old 9mm Bullet Strikes A Katana Blade And Splits In Half For The Lose

Guns vs Sword VideoIn this video they have a katana setup in a vice and a k9mm pistol setup in a gun vice device with the 9mm pointed at the blade of the katana. The blade is edge on to oncoming the bullet. The guy presses a lever on the gun vice which pulls the trigger on the 9mm (I assume this is so that they have it exactly correct to hit the edge of the katana). The bullet hits the edge of the katana and splits in half; hitting the target behind the katana in two pieces. They show a closeup of the katana blade after the bullet hits it and as far as I can tell there is metal from the bullet stuck to the blade. I don't think the blade was damaged by the bullet.

Watch the full video of this 9mm bullet hitting a katana below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Martha Stewart Teachs Some Guy How To Fold His Shirt For The Win

Martha Stewart T-Shirt Fold VideoAccording the the caption for this photo the CEO of YouTube was at a WSJ event in Carlsbad and was sitting at the same table with Martha Stewart. Apparently Martha went up to some guy and had him take his shirt off and then proceeded to show him how to fold it in one move. There is an old video floating around the net on how to fold a t-shirt in one move (we've posted it before). I find it rather strange that you'd go up to someone, have them take off their shirt, and teach them how to fold it. Did it count as community service?

Check out the full video of Martha teaching his guy how to fold his shirt for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Last Of The Ninjutsu Masters Decries Ninja Sterotypes In This Article

Last Of The Real Ninjas ArticleHere's an article about Hatsumi who is the last living master of ninjutsu according to the article. Apparently this master ninja at 76 years old is the only living student of the last "fighting ninja" according to the article. Apparently judo is losing out as a sport to golf and tennis in Japan where Japanese now seem to view it as sweaty and smelly. It's a sad day when golfers and tennis players are more popular than ninjas in Japan. Also according to the article the ninjutsu master guy isn't to fond of the current ninja sterotypes. One other thing the article mentioned was nunchucks being in the guy's training chamber. I thought nunchucks were made up as a weapon for Hollywood movies? Myth or fact?

Read the full article about the last of the ninja masters for yourself.


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Machinima Movie Version Of Little Red Ridinghood

Little Red Ridinghood MovieHere is a machinima film of the age old 'Little Red Ridinghood' story. Little Red Ridinghood is given the task of taking some medicine to her grandmother who lives in the woods. While traveling through the woods she meets a wolf who goes on ahead of her to grandmother's house. The wolf gobbles up grandmother and then sets a trap for Little Red Ridinghood. When Little Red Ridinghood gets there the wolf gobbles her up as well. A woodsman happens along, kills the wolf, and saves grandmother and Little Red Ridinghood. It was filmed using the video game, 'The Movies'.

Head over and check out the full version of the Little Red Ridinghood Machinima movie for yourself.


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