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Physical Virtual Sample Based Touch Screen Musical Interface

This video has a table top screen (either an LCD or a projector from below) which they call a tangible musical instrument. Basically you drop blocks on it and the interface detects the function or sample of a block. The sample or function plays a sound or modifies the surrounding blocks. It's a half virtual half physical sample studio.



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Combined Virtual And Physical Chess Board Projection Game Prototype

This video from Microsoft shows off a prototype device that projects a screen onto a tabletop and then allows you to interact with it via motion sensing. Probably the best example of it's use in the video is they have one side of a chess board (the side you are playing) as physical objects and the other side as virtual. So the person you are playing against is displayed via the projection over the chess board.



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Demonstration Video Of A 3D Desktop Filled With Physics Enabled Documents

Virtual 3D Document Piles VideoIn this video they demonstrate a desktop interface system where the desktop is a 3d space and 'documents' (or windows) are physics effected objects that can be thrown around, stacked, organized, unorganized, folded, crumpled up, and/or enlarged. The majority of it is them working with small 'square' documents which only show the type of the file (the icon like a PDF). However, near the end of the video they start working with browser windows and images which look and 'feel' like a real stack of physical photos. The interface seems to be completely mouse based with lots of 'circle the 3d document objects' to select them and then perform a function. Probably the best one is the effect of crumpling a document or window up, throwing it in a corner, and watching it bounce around. It seems like it would be a more natural way of organizing (or at least ) accessing windows because instead of a flat surface you have a stack of off center windows where you can see a small amount of the content in each. Combine this with the top down touch screen table display for a couple days ago. Now apply the same functionality to video games or each individual website in a web browser for the win.

Watch the full video of the 3d desktop object demonstration below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Demonstration 3D Physical Virtual Mesh Video Game System Video

Physical 3D Space Video GameIn this video there is a maze like physical 3d structure with a projector on each side of it. The projectors project sections of a 'video game' onto the real 3D structure. However, the characters in the video game are limited by the physical 3D strucure so when you move around you are really moving your virtual character around on the 3D structure. The 'ladders' in the game are virtual (projected on the physical structure). It is a mash up of a physical 3D game board and virtual game pieces. The 'game' is really just a simple walk up and down ladders and move around on the physical 3D object ala Donkey Kong. This might be interesting if it were applied more like projecting characters or pieces on a physical 3D battle diorama or some such.

Watch the full sized video of this mesh of physical world and virtual world into a video game below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Have Your Eyes Play Tricks On You Will This Shadow Illusion

Checker Shadow Illusion PhotoIn the image at the right the square that is labeled A is the same color as the square that is labeled B. I checked this in an image program and they have an RGB hex value of #787878. The website for this illusion photo explains this as follows: "In the figure, the light check in shadow is surrounded by darker checks. Thus, even though the check is physically dark, it is light when compared to its neighbors. The dark checks outside the shadow, conversely, are surrounded by lighter checks, so they look dark by comparison." So I guess this means don't always believe what your eyes tell you.

Head over and view a larger photo of the illusion and the full explaination.

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