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Transparent Car With A Body Made Out Of Plastic For A Good Time

Transparent Car PhotoHere are a couple photos of a transparent car which has a body made out of plastic. According to the originating page it was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show or some such. Does it come with an airbag?



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Super Crazy Ninja Cup Stacking Kid For The Win In This Video

Insain Fast Hands VideoThe kid in this video is possibly a secret disguised ninja as she captures the "cup stacking" world record in 7.43 seconds. Who knew there was a cup stacking record anyway. In any event, first she stacks up a large stack in the middle and two small stacks. After breaking those down she stacks two large stacks and breaks them down again. Finally she stacks one extra�large stack in the middle. These are plastic drinking cups like you would buy in the store. Super crazy secret ninja or little kid? You decide.

Check out the short video of the kid with the super fast ninja hands for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Kids Float Around Inside Giant Blow Up Balls On A Pond In China

Floating Blow Up Ball VideoHere is a pretty weird video from I think China where it has kids floating around on a river or pond in blown up plastic balls. There is a launching area and the kid is inside a giant plastic ball. The kid walks up to the water while inside the plastic ball and then floats out onto the water. They've used these kinds of things on game shows in the US before but I've never seen them just put kids in them and float them out onto a pond my themselves. Is the plastic ball sealed or where does their air come from? What happens if one of them starts sinking.

Watch the video of the weird plastic rolling balls with kids in them below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Neon LED Light Effect Illusion On Super Fast Spinning Ball Bearings

Spinning Illusion VideoThe guy in this video has a glass miror with two ball bearings on top of it. The ball bearings have been electric welded togather and the guy starts them spinning. He then uses a pen tube to blow down on top of them causing the ball bearings to spin even faster (up to 10,000 RPMs). Next up he takes various key chain LEDs and holds them around the ball bearings. The bearings reflect the light from the LEDs�causing them to look like neon spiral tubes. Next up he does a similar illusion with 4 clear plastic marbles which have been fixed togather in a pyramid. He spins them like a top and blows on them to speed it up. Again he takes the LEDs and holds them around it to produce a neon light tube�effect.

Watch the full video of the spinning neon light effect on the mirror below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Cool Looking Flexible LED Display In Action

Bendable LED Display VideoIn this video they demo a flat array of LEDs (called a flexgrid) which works like a low resolution display. Each LED in the matrix has a plastic or glass box around it and can be individually switched on and off. The whole display can be bent into a tube shape and controlled via computer (I assume). In the video the guy bends it around in the dark as it flashs various patterns over it's surface. It would probably work pretty good as one of those scrolling word signs too. The original post about this bendable LED display mentioned it's possible use in clothing. How about LED display doormats?

Watch the full video of the flexible LED display below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mentos And Diet Soda Combine To Form Soda Rockets In This Video

Mento Rockets VideoYou've probably seen the videos of mentos being dropped into two liter bottles of diet soda causing a giant fountain of soda. This video is a little different in that instead of the people shooting the soda up they are shooting the bottle up like a bottle rocket (or trying to anyway). The guy wraps what looks like plastic wrap around a bunch of mentos, sticks that in the two liter bottom, and then tightens the cap on. He then takes the bottom and throws it down onto pavement which I assume breaks the cap and lets the mentos react with the soda. The first one works pretty good and shoots up about thirty feet or so. The next bottle bounces the first time and finally takes off sideways. The last rocket they try duct taping two bottles togather and then throwing them down. As far as I can tell one side didn't burst open so it just spins around, like one of those 'flower' fireworks, shooting diet soda everywhere.

Watch the mentos diet soda rocket video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robot Chair Disassembles And Assembles Itself Again In This Video

Robo Chair VideoSo you may have seen the self replication robot cube video and this video is a somewhat more practical application of a similar idea. In this video it starts out with a chair sitting in the middle and then the chair falls apart onto the floor. Next up the chair starts to re-assemble itself automatically (as in it's a robot chair). The seat of the chair puts out some wheels and then moves around re-attaching the legs and back of the chair to itself. Finally, the chair stands up back into it's regular chair shape all by it's self. I couldn't come up with a real world application where you would need a robot chair to assemble itself because the materials involved are so much greater than say a molder plastic chair. It's rather Jetsonesque though.

Watch the video of the self assembling robot chair below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robot Roach Climbs Straight Up A Vertical Surface With No Hands

RoboRoach VideoThe robots are flying fast and furious lately with another robot for today which looks like a roach and can climb vertical surfaces. They show the robot climbing up a treetrunk, climbing up a brick wall, climbing up a wood wall, and climbing up a plastic wall or some such. Apparently this is another DARPA funded project (military) and I can think of all kinds of things you could do with it.�For example, it could be used for�mounting turrets or antenna on cliffs,�climbing cliffs, bugging trees with cameras and speakers, and any number of other things where you need to climb a vertical face. Have the mule robot from yesterday siddle up to the cliff and launch these climbers. Six legged robot roach�ninjas for the win!

Watch the full video of the ninja robot roach running up the wall for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Featuring Exploding Soda Bottles And Dry Ice For A Good Time

Dry Ice Soda Explosion VideoHere is a set of video clips of various beverage bottles exploding after having dry ice added to them and the cap put on. I don't know if they only added dry ice or what as I've seen other similar videos where the bottle is empty and it still pops. In any event the first bottle they put maybe three or four pieces of dry ice in with a mostly full liter of soda. It doesn't pop on it's own so they end up throwing it up in the air. When it comes down and hits the street is pops with a pretty big bang. Most of the rest of the clips in the video are similar except for a for exceptions. For example, in what looks like a Gatoraid bottle, the bottle itself doesn't look like it pops (might be too thick?) though the lid probably shot off. I wonder if the mentos videos we've posted in the past would have the same effect if only a few were added and the lid was placed on quickly. I'd say it would be pretty dangerous to try this as there would be flying bits of plastic and dry ice going everywhere which means HINT: don't try this at home.

Watch the exploding soda bottles below or click over to the host site and view it there.


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RedBeard The Pirate Attacks A British Fort In This Stop Motion Lego Video

Lego Pirate Stop Motion VideoHere's a stop motion pirate video done with a couple of the Lego pirate play sets. Apparently there was no lego spyglass so the guy had to make one out of plastic or some such. Anyway, the pirate ship is cruising along in the�plastic wrap water when it sights an English fort. Captain Redbeard orders the pirate ship to fire on the fort while chasing a monkey around trying to get his hat back. The British fort wakes up and blows the pirate ship out of the water. I'd be able to handle the stop motion part but I doubt I'd have the patients to do the smoke cotton firing out of the cannons and the�plastic wrap water.

View the full video of the lego pirate attack on the British fort below or click over and view it on the host site.


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