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Combined Virtual And Physical Chess Board Projection Game Prototype

This video from Microsoft shows off a prototype device that projects a screen onto a tabletop and then allows you to interact with it via motion sensing. Probably the best example of it's use in the video is they have one side of a chess board (the side you are playing) as physical objects and the other side as virtual. So the person you are playing against is displayed via the projection over the chess board.



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Build A Do It Yourself LCD Wall Projector In This Video For Around $100

DIY Projector VideoIn this video they show you how to make a wall projector out of an old LCD and one of those overhead projectors. The video shows the guy taking an LCD monitor apart and removing the LCD itself from the case. He then places the LCD on top of the overhead projector projection area and tapes it down on the sides. Additionally he adds one small computer fan to the side to keep it cool (though I'm not sure how much good that tiny fan is doing). The end result is what looks like about a 100 inch screen projection on the wall. The whole setup can probably be completed in under $100.

Check out the DIY wall projector on the cheap in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Table Top Touch Screen Display Interface Test For Warcraft III And Google Earth

Table Top Display Test VideoThis video features the table top (projection from above) display combined with a touch and voice recognition interface for Warcraft III and Google Earth. First they show Google Earth and the guy uses his hands to pan around, zoom in, select regions, and measure distances. He also combines in some voice commands which compliment the interactivity provided by the touch display. Next up he demonstrates using the screen to play Warcraft III. He selects a group of units by placing an arm on each side of the units and he also uses voice commands such as 'build farm' which pops up a farm to be built by the next available worker and then touchs the screen to show where it should be built. At the very end they show a quick clip of two people controling the same Warcraft III interface.

Click over and view the full video of the table top projection display interface for yourself.


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Help Me Obiwan Kanobi You Are My Only Hope For The Win

Hologram Projection VideoSo the guys in this video have a hologram like projection unit which looks pretty awesome. Apparently it blows air up in a stream (or treats the air somehow) and then a projector projects an image on the stream of air from behind it. You know that hologram sure looks like the one in the first Star Wars as it is all wavy and fuzzy. Life immitating art immitating life? Additionally they have a touch control interface (similar to another video we posted of a similar technology). What seems to be different about this hologram projection is that the air is clear (or appears that way) verses having a screen of fog to project the image on.

Check out the full video of the Star Warsy hologram below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cool Trick Involving A Projector And A Fake Piece Of XRay Paper

Skeleton Trick VideoThe guy in this video pulls off a pretty good trick in this video which makes it look like an X-Ray machine. He has a piece of paper in his shirt and when he unbuttons his shirt it looks like you can see his skeleton through it. He pulls the paper out and moves it around his body making it look like there is an X-Ray beam on it making his skeleton viewable. I'm pretty sure they didn't do this with a blue screen. If I were to guess I would say the piece of "paper" is some special material that reacts to a wavelength of light. There is a projector projecting the image into the guy but only the piece of "paper" reflects the light of the projection. Also notice that the skeleton is taller that the guy holding the paper (the chin and eye sockets are not in the same place).

Watch this guy pull an X-Ray vision trick with his skeleton.


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