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Malaysian Python Eats Pragnant Sheep And Can Not Move In This Photo

Snake Eats Sheep PhotoThis photo of a python eating an entire pregnant sheep has been one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo for at least two weeks and possibly more. After eating the sheep the python was to heavy to move which allowed local firemen to capture it in Malaysia. It is hard to tell but I think the head of the sheep is still sticking out of the snake's mouth. It looks like the top of the head of the python is facing the camera. So the real question is what did they do with the python after they captured it?

Check out the full sized photo of the python eating a sheep for yourself.

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Video Of A Two Headed Mutant Snake At A Snake Convention

Two Headed Snake VideoAnd the video we have for your today is of this two headed snake. As far as I can tell the snake doesn't move at all during the entire video so it's possible that the thing is dead. The tail doesn't move and neither head flicks it's tongue. It looks like they have this two headed snake at some kind of snake showing convention because there is another guy with a giant python around his neck in the background near the end of the video. Chalk this one up with the two headed turtle and the five legged frog.

Check out the video of the two headed snake for yourself.


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In The Spirit Of Monty Python, Rabbit vs Wolf

Rabbit vs Wolf PhotoIf have ever seen Monty Python And The Holy Grail this photo will be familiar to you. At the top of the image it pictures a rabbit about to be caught by a hungry wolf. But the funny photo under it shows what really happened between the rabbit and the wolf. The rabbit is still sitting there and the wolf is nothing but bones. The caption for the image is "Looks Can Be Deceiving". They could make this one into a demotivational poster from Despair, Inc.

Check out the rabbit meats the wolf (literally).


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