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Seven Legged Lamb Born In New Zealand

Seven Legged Lamb PhotoHere is a pretty crazy photo of a lamb that was born in New Zealand. It was ranked as one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo. Apparently the lamb was born with seven legs as you can see in the photo. It doesn't look like the lamb is even able to stand up as it has some many legs. There isn't any other information on the caption for the photo other than it's a one a in a few million occurance that a lamb is born like this. Are there any nuclear reactors in New Zealand? If so, this lamb�might have been living down stream from one if you ask me.



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Time Lapse Video Where The Flowergod Creates An Arrangement In A Pumpkin

The Flowergod VideoHere is a time lapse video of a guy who calls himself The Flowergod. In this video he takes a pumpkin and makes a flower arrangement in the pumpkin. The trick is that the video is sped up 6 times so he makes it super fast. There are at least seven or eight other videos that he has done with various other flower arrangements. It's crazy to watch the flower arrangement go from nothing to a full on professional arrangement in under a minute. Apparently he also�has a full on site with normal speed instructional version of the videos here.

Watch the video below of the Flowergod create an arrangement at superfast speed or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Built A Moving Stargate Out Of Legos For A Good Time

Lego Stargate PhotosA guy build a moving stargate out of legos and has a bunch of photos to show for it. Unfortinately there doesn't seem to be a video of the starget in action. However, he has the starget hooked up to a RCX treadmill (whatever that is) which spins the stargate around for a random number of seconds and repeats that seven times. The chevrons (the little red things on the gate) have LED lego blocks in them which light up as well. Legos seem to be a pretty way to fast prototype things based on some of the other projects I've seen done with them.

Check out all of the photos of this lego stargate for yourself.


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Photo Of A Giant Chinese Woman Who Is Over Seven Feet Tall

Giant Asian Woman PhotoThe most emailed photo up on Yahoo right now is this photo from China of a woman who is 2.36 meters tall. Yao Defen is 36 years old according to the caption of the photo and you can see her sitting on the right in the photo. For a comparison there is another women sitting on the left side of the photo and I would assume the other woman is maybe five and a half feet tall. Not only is Yao Defen tall but she is pretty much a giant (just look at the size of her shows). One of her shoes are as big as the other woman's head. There is also another photo of them comparing her hand to a regular sized man's hand and her hand looks like the size of a dinner plate.

Take a look at the full sized photo of this giant Chinese woman named Yao.


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Mutated Two Headed Cows And More Featured On Sideshow Photo Site

Sideshow World PhotosYahoo had a photo of a five legged cow at one point which�I blogged about but which doesn't seem to be available anymore. In searching for the photo I stumbled on this "Sideshow World" website which has all kinds of photos of mutated animals such as two headed cows, two faced kittens, a second photo of a cyclops kitten (not the same kitten as the most recent photo which appeared on Yahoo/AP). It also features multiple images of cows with five or six legs in some instances as well as a seven towed cat and an eight legged lamb. They also have posters and such from old�carnivals and sideshows one of which features a drawing of a two legged dog. Crazy stuff (photos not for the faint of heart).

Check out all the crazy photos of the cyclops kitten, two headed cow, and eight legged lamb over at Sideshow World.


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Photo Of Margo Dydek The 7 Foot Tall Woman On The Basketball Court

Tall Girl PhotoWhoaaaaaa Nelly... er Margo. Yahoo's most emailed photo right now is this photo of Margo Dydek from Poland who is a basketball player for the Connecticut Suns. Apparently she is seven feet two inchs tall and if you click on over to view the full photo you'll see just how amazing that is. In the full size photo there is another player trying to guard this woman on the basketball court but she only comes up to Margo's waist. Oops. Try for a bigger guard next time guys? Seriously, most doors are what, around 6 feet tall? That means she has to bend down to walk through almost every door in New York (where this photo was taken). That would suck.

Check out the full size photo of Margo on the court for yourself.


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Kid Shoots And Scores 18 Baskets In A Row For A Good Time

Kid Makes Basketball Shots VideoIn this video clip there is a little kid who is maybe six or seven years old shooting baskets with a basketball. The kid shoots and scores 18 baskets in a row on camera. A good portions of the shots are nothing but net. Is this kid the new Tiger Woods for basketball? Finally on the 19th shot the kid misses.�Pretty amazing I guess but if all you do is sit around and shoot basketballs all day I assume you're going to get good at it. You can see a toy basketball basket in some of the video off to the right of the main basket.

Watch this kid get crazy with the basketball.


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Photo Of A Bunch Of Burned Out Ferrari's Caught In A Fire At A Dealership

Ferrari Fire PhotoOuch. This is a photo of a bunch of Ferrari's that were in a fire at a Ferrari Dealership in Holland. I count maybe seven Ferrari's sitting there that we can see in the picture which is about $1.7 to $3.5 million in Ferrari's. I can't tell if the orange stuff all over the cars is rust or the charred remains of the fiberglass Ferrari bodies. They must have housed the cars inside in order for them to completely burn up like that. I don't see individual car fires causing that much damage to each car. Hope that had car accident insurance.

Check out a bigger version of the Ferrari junk photo for yourself.


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