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Malaysian Python Eats Pragnant Sheep And Can Not Move In This Photo

Snake Eats Sheep PhotoThis photo of a python eating an entire pregnant sheep has been one of the top most emailed photos on Yahoo for at least two weeks and possibly more. After eating the sheep the python was to heavy to move which allowed local firemen to capture it in Malaysia. It is hard to tell but I think the head of the sheep is still sticking out of the snake's mouth. It looks like the top of the head of the python is facing the camera. So the real question is what did they do with the python after they captured it?

Check out the full sized photo of the python eating a sheep for yourself.

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Australian Sheep Listen To Opera And Grow Super Super Fine Wool

Golden Fleece WoolSo I ran into an article which talks about sheep in Australia which listen to Italian opera music and their wool is twice as fine as regular wool. A bale of the super super fine (11.8 micron) wool sells for A$232,500 or A$2,500 per kilogram of wool. Regular superfine wool is ~20 microns and sells for something like A$651 per bale of wool. The article compares this to the "golden fleece" so I checked the price of gold in Australian dollars and it's A$23,928 per kilogram. So while the 11.8 micron wool doesn't compare price wise to gold it is a lot closer than regular wool. The real question is if YOU listen to opera does your hair come in finer?

Head on over and read the full article about the golden fleece 11.8 micron wool for yourself.


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Toyota Truck Commercial Where Some Bulls Steal A Truck And Look For Some Ladies

Toyota Commercial VideoHere we have a Toyota truck commercial using cows (like the California Cheese commercials). There is a farmer guy fixing a watering hole and he left his truck door open. Two bulls see this and jump in the truck to go find some lady cows. They drive through a herd of sheep and then through a barn where they pick up a couple of bails of hay. Next they run into a cow crossing grate (which they are afraid to cross even in a truck) so they jump off a cliff in the truck. It lands by the lady cows which they ask if they want a ride. The end. Good stuff.

Watch these cows try to pick up some ladies in a Toyota truck commercial.


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Large Home Made Explosion Goes Off Scaring a Bunch Of Sheep Into Stampeding

Big Boom VideoUm.. yeah. The caption for this video calls it a "large firework" but I'm going to call it a BOMB. That is no large firework. When it blows up it is a huge explosion and sends sparkling flaming charcoal all over the place in a wide radius. Once the sound hits the camera from the explosion the sheep take off running like bats out of hell. I'll wager this was filmed somewhere in the UK or New Zealand. Where else do they have green padocks, fog, sheep, and crazy people with home made firework bombs? Be sure to check this one out as the explosion really is pretty big.

Watch these sheep run for their little wooly lives.


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Video Of A Girls Gone Wild Spoof Commercial Filmed In Baghdad

Girls Gone Wild Baghdad VideoHere is a pretty funny spoof of the Girls Gone Wild commercial. In this spoof they have a woman wearing a burka and lifting up the veil. They put black censored boxes over her face so you can't see anything bad! Frankly all the spoof commercial does is show how stupid and oppressive of a custom it really is. The real question is who are all the sheep buying the Girls Gone Wild video off the TV commercial anyway?

Check out the spoof Girls Gone Wild Baghdad commercial.


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Find Out Just How Smart You Are When You Solve These Logic Problem Games

Logic Problems Flash GameLogin Problems is a collection of free flash game brain teasers. The first logic problem you have to solve is how to move a wolf, a sheep, and a cabbage across a river. The wolf eats the sheep and the sheep eats the cabbage. It is a bit of a brain teaser to figure out out. Once you figure it out there are at least five to ten other brain teasers you can try and solve. The graphics are pretty basic but passable. If you like puzzles and want to do more brain work than finger work then give this one a shot.

Test out your logic skills when you play this Logic Problems game.


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Vegetarians May Disagree With Me, They Can Get Stuffed Video

Australian Lamb CommercialFor Americans this is probably a pretty strange commercial. At least I think it is a commercial as it could be a public service announcement, a joke, or paid for by sheep herders. Anyway the guy in the video goes on and on and on and on about things that are un-Australian (like not eating lamb on Australian Day). It's possible that it is something like a "Beef. It's what's for dinner." commercial. In any event the guy is pretty funny. For example, he goes "Do you think the buggers(?) in the trenchs were fighting for tofu sausages? No, they're thinking of grabbing a lamb chop off the barbie with their bare hands sustaining third degree burns." And continues, "the vegetarians may disagree with me, they can get stuffed, they know the way to the airport and if they don't I'll show them!"

Check out the video for some Australian humor.


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