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Live TV Mushroom Cloud Weathercam Video Injection Prank

Here's a funny video of an automated weathercam which was displayed on live Czech TV that was hacked to display a mushroom cloud. The footage looks pretty realistic with the camera whiting out for good period before showing the cloud. There wasn't any shockwave though which kind of gave it away as being a prank. War of the Worlds is that you?



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Flexible Video Display Prototype Developed For A Good Time

Flexible Video Display ArticleHere's an article about a flexible video display that Sony is working on. Apparently it is a combination of TFT and electroluminescent display technology. Electroluminescent is a cold light backing which takes very little electricity like you would use on a security vest. Sony is showing off a 2.5 inch flexible prototype display using the technology. Call me when I can actually buy it 5 years from now. I'm putting this one up there with e-ink and the laser laptop keyboard.



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Indian Guy Conducts Electricity Without Showing Any Signs Of Pain In This Video

Electric Guy VideoA guy in India can pass an electric current through his body and he doesn't feel a thing (or so he claims). In the video he puts a live wire to his tongue and another wire to a fan and the fan starts up and works. At the end of the video he holds a lightbulb and an electric skillet. The flips the switch, the lightbulb turns on, and an egg is fried on the skillet. He states that some people accused him of having some kind of implants in his hands that allowed him to do it but they tested them and there was nothing. the guy is an electrician of all things. He does seem to have a little bit of a spasm when the current first hits but he controls it. Or the whole video is a fake.

Check out the electric Indian guy video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Neighborhood Devolves Into Battleground Over Shared Internet In This Commercial

Funny DSL Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial by PacBell for their DSL internet service (verses cable internet). The video shows a nice suburban neighborhood with green grass etc. and then they start showing problems. According to the commercial the problems are caused by people having to share their internet service because they all have cable internet and are all trying to use it at the same time (causing it to be slow). The neighborhood slides into a battleground where neighbors are sabataging each other in revenge for the slow internet. It's also funny how hypocritical this video ad is coming from PacBell as they don't support net neutrality.

Watch the commercial video below of what could happen if everyone was sharing the same cable internet connection or click over and view it on the host site.


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Trackmania Video Showing 1000 Cars Running The Same Track At The Same Time

3D Cars VideosHere's a screen capture video from a racing game called Trackmania. Apparently you can record your track run and then play it back. This video takes 1000 track runs and plays them all back in the same track at the same time. The video itself is pretty crazy looking as all of the cars look like they move as a fluid. There is a second video which has 3000 track runs played back which also looks cool but it isn't edited quite as well. The cars race through the track and each time they hit a jump they spill all over the place. At the end of the video all the cars jump out into the ocean.

Watch the video of the 1000 race track playback below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Showing A Homopolar Motor Made Of Household Items

Simple Motor Video TrickThis video shows how to make a homopolar motor out of a few household items. You take a battery, a screw, a magnet, and a piece of wire. The magnet goes on the top of the screw and the point of the screw it touching the positive side of the battery. The wire goes from the negative side of the battery to the magnet. This creates a current and causes the screw plus magnet to spin around. Pretty cool little trick the only someone hard to find item would probably be that magnet. It looks like a watch battery but most magnets I've seen are that dull black color.

Check out the video of this homopolar video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Over 36000 Bottle Rockets Fire Off In These Two Videos For July 4th

Thirty Six Thousand Bottle Rockets VideosUp for today we have two different videos with one featuring 20,000 bottle rockets being shot off (plus 16,000 firecrackers) and the other featuring 16,000 bottle rockets all being shot off at once. In the first video which has the firecrackers it starts with them lighting it up and then running back. Their description of the video is "It starts slow and then turns into Vietnam" which is apt since when it really starts to go off they end up running away from it as fast as they can (warning: language). The second video goes into more detail showing the bottle rockets they bought before they take them out and setting them all off (via sparklers). Neither of them have a very good video camera setup.

Watch both videos of the tens of thousands of bottle rockets going off below or click over and view them on the shot site.


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Laser Sighted Lego Rocket Launcher For The Win

Lego Rocket Launcher VideoHere is a set of four videos from different angles showing off a laser sighted rocket launcher built out of legos. The main video has four targets and the rocket launcher detects them, sights the laser on it, and fires a projectile at the target. The other videos are of the same operation but from different angles (with the gun cam angle you can see the laser dot on each target). The side angle video shows the lego rockets dropping down into the 'barrel' from a top feed hamper before being catapulted out towards the target. I assume this is using Lego Mindstorm or whatever it is called now.

Head over and check out the four videos of the laser sighted lego rocket launcher.


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Female Japanes Android Unveiled In Japan For The Win

Japanese Android VideoSo here is a video of a demonstration in Japan showing a human like 'android'. The android stays sitting in the chair the whole time so I'll wager they still need to work on that whole walking thing. The actual face looks pretty real but I noticed they covered up the hands with gloves because they probably made it look fake. The android moves around but you can tell the motions are driven by servos as they are hardly smooth to say the least. The commentary in the video is all in Japanese so good luck with that. Maybe they need to pair up with the company working on that robotic pack mule for the US Army.

Watch the full video of this Japanese android for your self below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ninjas Gone Wild Video Takes TV Silently By Storm With Shurikens

Ninjas Gone Wild VideoNinjas Gone Wild is a spoof video of the "Girls Gone Wild" TV advertisement. They borrow the same kind of themes and "censored" graphics to depict ninjas attacking people in the park, at home, and on the streets. The various spoof videos show ninjas killing people with various ninja weapons like shuriken, sai's, katanas and more IN TOTAL SILENCE. However, they put a "censored" graphic over the attack to avoid showing blood just like "Girls Gone Wild" does for nixing out nudity. I'd say they really captured the essense of the "Girls Gone Wild" commercials except with ninjas jumping backwards up to rooftops! Oh and don't forget the hot ninja scenes in the shower.

View the full Ninjas Gone Wild spoof commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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