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Waste Time At Work With This Creative Line Rider Addictive Flash Drawing Toy

Line Rider Flash Toy VideoLine Rider is not a game but a toy according to the author. Basically you take a pencil and draw curves and lines on a white background. You can then press play and it launchs a guy on a sled into your line drawing. The sled slides down the lines. If you make them too steep the guy crashs. If you make them too flat he just comes to a hault. If you make them just right you can get a crazy rollercoaster going on. In the video below the Line Rider guy slides around on the lines for 1 minute and 44 seconds. He ends up in a line drawing of a helicopter. There was another video where the guy is moving so fast that be blasts through the lines themselves.

Watch the video of the crazy long line rider below or on the host site, or click over and view more videos of line riders, or play Line Rider right now!


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Ask A Ninja Reviews Dead Mans Chest And Calls It One For The Squid

Ask A Ninja Dead Mans Chest Review VideoSo in this video the 'Ask A Ninja' guy does a review of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest' where he rips it a new one. According to him all of 'the�cast�were women with eyeshadow and wigs�while Kiera Knightley�was a more manish version of Orlando Bloom'.�He goes on to say that�everyone in the entire movie was a pirate including pretend pirates, fish pirates, dead pirates, and on and on. Lastly the only thing the movie had more of than pirates, according to him, is plot lines with the movie ending on a new plotline. His idea of a 'Ninjas of the Caribbean' sounds like a better movie.

Watch the full video of 'Ask A Ninja' tearing into PotC: DMC below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Battle Crabs And Squid To Pass The Level In Something Fishy 3

Something Fishy 3 Flash GameMake sure you read the instructions before you play Something Fishy 3 otherwise you might be confused in this free flash game. Basically you need to get as many fish in a complete circle of bubbles as possible to get the most points. It's kind of like circle the fish but they all move and you only have one circle at a time. Harder than you might think. If there is a can or a fishhook in your circle of bubbles you get negative points. The graphics are professional and the puzzle is different each time you play as the pieces move around. Give it a shot.

Explore the fishy side of your nature and play Something Fishy 3.


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