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Bob Sapp (The Beast) Battles It Out With The Morning Musume

Bob Sapp vs. Morning MusumeI saw this video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume over on BoingBoing today. Morning Musume is, I assume, a Japanese TV show. The same show that had the meat eating lizard and the women with the steaks tied to their heads. Anyway, in this episode of the show they have a big brawny American guy battle it out with the Morning Musume in a battle of brawn and a battle of witts. The battle of brawn consists of the twelve women from Morning Musume each having an inflatable ball attached to their arms. Bob Sapp has 12 inflatable balls tied to him. He has to grab all 12 of the balls from them before they steal all 12 of the inflatable balls from him. Suffice to say he wins. Next up is the battle of witts where they play a Solitaire type matching video game. Bob Sapp gets to around level three before lossing. It seems like a pretty tough game from watching it. Next up one of the women from Morning Musume plays the game. She gets to level five and wins. Now the weird thing is, and I can't tell if it's just chopped video or not, in level two and level three of the video game she has only half as many pictures to match as Bob Sapp did. Did they rig is so she would win, was there some time requirement she hit to give here a bonus like that, or did they simply cut it out of the video? In any event, I'll never understand Japanese TV.

Watch the video of Bob Sapp vs. Morning Musume for yourself below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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PayPal Employees Try To Make Flambe Steak And Cook Up A Fire For A Good Time

Steak Fire VideoApparently if you work at PayPal you get to have fun with flaming steaks. This video really has nothing to do with PayPal other than one of the guys is wearing a PayPal t-shirt. Anyway there are a bunch of people in a small kitchen. One guy has a frying pan with a steak in it. He pours some flamable liquid on the steak and then lights it with a match. Suffice to say the flame shoots about three feet in the air and he has to pull it off the stove to keep the fire from catching the microwave above it on fire. I'm not sure that's really the right way to make flambe steak. Better head back to that internet site where you got the recipe.

Check out the video for yourself over on YouTube or play it below.


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How Many Radiation Mutations Does It Take To Produce A Five Legged Cow

Five Armed Cow VideoNow here we have a cow that lives a little to close to the nearest nuclear power plant. This calf was born with five legs and six hooves (the fifth leg has two hooves). Apparently the mother is normal but the calf has this mutation. We've posted two headed toads on NinjaWax before but I believe this is the first mutated cow. Currently this image of the five hooved cow is the most emailed image on Yahoo right now. The real question is would you eat a steak from a five legged cow? How much further do we need to go to get to the two headed cows in Fallout?

Check out the full size photo of the five legged cow.


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Elephant Rampages Through A Restaurant Because They Served Bad Food

Elephant Attacks Restaurant VideoThe elephent in this video must have been served some back food at this restaurant (or maybe they were serving elephant steak) because he walks right up and starts destroying it. First he plungs through one of the front windows and then goes on a rampage inside. It looks like he is attacking either a bar area or attempting to get at the cooks in the back. Finally it calms down or they somehow calm it down because the people start leading it towards the front. This probably happened in Thailand or somewhere around there.

Watch this elephant spread the love around for a good time.


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