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Bizarroland Superhero Music Video From India

This music video from India is very bizarre. It features a guy dressed up like superman and a woman dressed up as spiderman flying around (on a bad blue screen), singing, dancing, and fighting off baddies.



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Guy Catchs The Crotch Of His Pants On Fire While Cooking Outdoors

Guy Catchs His Pants On Fire VideoThere we have our superhero cooking on a portable grill in his sweatshirt and sweatpants. But a funny thing happens -- he turns around and the crotch of his sweatpants are on fire! He madly tries to put out the fire by beating on it and finally runs to the table and grabs a pitcher of water. Dousing himself with the water he finally gets the fire out hopefully before he lost anything important. The thing I wanted to know about this video was, is this the same guy from a week or so ago that grabbed onto the electric fence? The video quality and the guy in both videos look pretty similar. And of coarse both guys (or is it the same guy?) do similarly stupid things. Look ma, No hands!

Watch this guy catch himself on fire while cooking on a grill.


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Soccer Superhero Wows The Crowd

Soccer Halftime Show VideoIn this video it has what appears to be the entertainment for a halftime show at a soccer game in Asia. The one guy is out there juggling or "heading" the soccer ball (or football in other parts of the world). It looks like it does it at least 20 times in a row. He is pretty good at it as he is able to walk around, making sudden turns, with it resting in his forehead. Moving on he switching to spinning the ball with his feet and finally jump roping with a hula hoop while heading the ball. According to his shirt he is sponsored by T-Mobile. If I was going to rate the entertainment value of it I would put it above Ashley Simpson getting booed at the Orange Bowl.

Getting crazy with the soccor ball.


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