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Physical Virtual Sample Based Touch Screen Musical Interface

This video has a table top screen (either an LCD or a projector from below) which they call a tangible musical instrument. Basically you drop blocks on it and the interface detects the function or sample of a block. The sample or function plays a sound or modifies the surrounding blocks. It's a half virtual half physical sample studio.



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Cool Computer IO Paint Brush Device Lets You Paint With Video

IO Paint Brush VideoHere's a video of a prototype computer input output device which is designed like a paint brush. It has a built in video camera into the head of the brush which allows it to pick up "video textures" or still colors and textures. For example, they show the paint brush recording someone blinking their eye and then painting the eye blink texture on a computer screen canvas. It's hard to tell if the screen canvas is touch sensitive or not (I think it is) as it shows someone smudging one of the images with their finger. However, it's possible that the paint brush device just records itself drawing. It picks up all kinds of textures like this fur print off this hand bag and works exactly like a paint brush after that. Watch the video for a better visual explanation.

Check out the IO paint brush video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Showing A Homopolar Motor Made Of Household Items

Simple Motor Video TrickThis video shows how to make a homopolar motor out of a few household items. You take a battery, a screw, a magnet, and a piece of wire. The magnet goes on the top of the screw and the point of the screw it touching the positive side of the battery. The wire goes from the negative side of the battery to the magnet. This creates a current and causes the screw plus magnet to spin around. Pretty cool little trick the only someone hard to find item would probably be that magnet. It looks like a watch battery but most magnets I've seen are that dull black color.

Check out the video of this homopolar video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Cleaning Commercial Where Cleaning Is Alluded To Being In Prison

Funny Cleaning Commercial VideoThis commercial is for some cleaning agent and it is pretty funny because it is setup to look like a little girl is talking to her mother in a prison. The girl is on one side of a piece of glass and the mother is on the other side in an orange jump suit. The mother also looks like a crack head (literally) the way she has no makeup on and how her hair is falling into her face. The girl puts her hand up to the glass as if they can't touch each other because of the prison wall. Near the end it pans out and you can see that the mother is actually in a bathtub with a glass door. She's wearing the jumpsuit because she is attempting to clean the grunge out of the bathtub but it is taking forever (like it were a prison). 'Don't spend your life cleaning.' is the text at the end of the ad.

Watch the funny cleaning commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Demonstration Video Of A 3D Desktop Filled With Physics Enabled Documents

Virtual 3D Document Piles VideoIn this video they demonstrate a desktop interface system where the desktop is a 3d space and 'documents' (or windows) are physics effected objects that can be thrown around, stacked, organized, unorganized, folded, crumpled up, and/or enlarged. The majority of it is them working with small 'square' documents which only show the type of the file (the icon like a PDF). However, near the end of the video they start working with browser windows and images which look and 'feel' like a real stack of physical photos. The interface seems to be completely mouse based with lots of 'circle the 3d document objects' to select them and then perform a function. Probably the best one is the effect of crumpling a document or window up, throwing it in a corner, and watching it bounce around. It seems like it would be a more natural way of organizing (or at least ) accessing windows because instead of a flat surface you have a stack of off center windows where you can see a small amount of the content in each. Combine this with the top down touch screen table display for a couple days ago. Now apply the same functionality to video games or each individual website in a web browser for the win.

Watch the full video of the 3d desktop object demonstration below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Table Top Touch Screen Display Interface Test For Warcraft III And Google Earth

Table Top Display Test VideoThis video features the table top (projection from above) display combined with a touch and voice recognition interface for Warcraft III and Google Earth. First they show Google Earth and the guy uses his hands to pan around, zoom in, select regions, and measure distances. He also combines in some voice commands which compliment the interactivity provided by the touch display. Next up he demonstrates using the screen to play Warcraft III. He selects a group of units by placing an arm on each side of the units and he also uses voice commands such as 'build farm' which pops up a farm to be built by the next available worker and then touchs the screen to show where it should be built. At the very end they show a quick clip of two people controling the same Warcraft III interface.

Click over and view the full video of the table top projection display interface for yourself.


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Help Me Obiwan Kanobi You Are My Only Hope For The Win

Hologram Projection VideoSo the guys in this video have a hologram like projection unit which looks pretty awesome. Apparently it blows air up in a stream (or treats the air somehow) and then a projector projects an image on the stream of air from behind it. You know that hologram sure looks like the one in the first Star Wars as it is all wavy and fuzzy. Life immitating art immitating life? Additionally they have a touch control interface (similar to another video we posted of a similar technology). What seems to be different about this hologram projection is that the air is clear (or appears that way) verses having a screen of fog to project the image on.

Check out the full video of the Star Warsy hologram below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Demonstration Video Of A Fogscreen With A Touch Interface

Fogscreen VideoI'd seen an article about these fogscreens maybe a couple years ago but I don't think I saw a video of them then. This video features a fog screen which is also a touch screen. The fog screen consists of a layer of log which is blown downward from a central unit and then a projector projects it's image on the fog. The guy in the video is using his hand to draw in the fog screen (like a touch screen) and then walks through the screen to show that it is a fog screen. I looked up fogscreens and it looks like there is a website ( where they have more video and you might be able to buy them. I don't know if those screens have the touch interface or not but they do list the fact you can project something different on each side of the screen. Other things they mention are it uses only water to make the fog and the fog is a dry fog.

Watch the full video of the touch screen fogscreen below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Airplane Makes An Amazing And Scary Landing With A Broken Landing Gear

Amazing Jet Landing VideoIn case you live under a rock and didn't get a chance to see this video of a jet with a broken landing gear making an incredible landing here it is. I saw this live and I must say it was pretty amazing. Basically this plane's landing gear broke when they took off so they flew around for three hours to burn off fuel. Then they came in for a landing and the front landing gear was sideways. In the video you see the sideways wheels touch down to the runway and they build up heat and friction. The wheels ignite for a flame and spark fest before it all settles down. Everyone on the plane was fine. I'm glad I wasn't on that plane anyway though!

Take a look at the video of the plane landing below or click over and view it on their website.


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Six Year Old Kid Solves A Rubik Cube In Under 38 Seconds Flat For A Good Time

Rubik Cube VideoSo here we have a six year old kid who solves a rubik's cube in 37.89 seconds flat. It looks like he has some kind of rubik's cube time monitor touch pad which counts exactly how long it takes them. It looks like it is probably some international (or World Record) standard pad because I saw a similar video with the same timing device. Anyway the video is just amazing how fast this kid can solve the rubik's cube. If you watch his fingers moving he is using all of his fingers to sold the cube. Simply amazing.

Check out the rubik's cube video for yourself over on their site or view it below.


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