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Guy Pulls A Bunch Of Concealed Weapons Out Of His Baggy Clothes In A Demo Video

Concealed Weapons VideoThis video clip appears to be an orientation video for some highschool which is probably shown to parents. In the video there is a guy wearing baggy clothes and he starts pulling guns out and puts them on the table. When you first look at him you can't even tell he has one gun. He starts at the left pulling guns out of his pocket and belt. At one point he pulls out a .45 with a really long barrel and then an Uzi with a full clip from the small of his back. Next he pulls out a full pump shotgun which was stuffed down the back of his baggy pants. Most of the other weapons seem plausable but this one I have my doubts on. You couldn't even sit down with a shotgun down the leg of your pants. It is pretty crazy though how many guns he has on him that you can't even seen.

Watch this guy pull at least ten guns out of his baggy clothes.

Posted by Webmaster 17 years, 8 months ago.

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