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PayPal Employees Try To Make Flambe Steak And Cook Up A Fire For A Good Time

Steak Fire VideoApparently if you work at PayPal you get to have fun with flaming steaks. This video really has nothing to do with PayPal other than one of the guys is wearing a PayPal t-shirt. Anyway there are a bunch of people in a small kitchen. One guy has a frying pan with a steak in it. He pours some flamable liquid on the steak and then lights it with a match. Suffice to say the flame shoots about three feet in the air and he has to pull it off the stove to keep the fire from catching the microwave above it on fire. I'm not sure that's really the right way to make flambe steak. Better head back to that internet site where you got the recipe.

Check out the video for yourself over on YouTube or play it below.

Posted by Webmaster 17 years, 9 months ago.

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